Celiac Disease...Any adults here have it?

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Mar 16, 2000
Me and dh are beginning to plan a trip to WDW in September, and this is the first time we will going since learning I have Celiac. I've read a couple good stories people have shared elsewhere about Disney's help with menus and such. Also, we usually only eat at a full-service restaurant once while staying at WDW. We are more food court & counter service eaters. I'm just real nervous about becoming ill.:earseek: I have also not yet learned how to take control when going to a restaurant and making it plainly known I cannot have gluten. :rolleyes: Would anyone have some tips or encouragement for me as I plan?


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Jan 9, 2001
I would be glad to help you.
My father was diagnosed with Celiac's and for DISCON II I was actually on the Celiac's diet to see if i had it as well.
What we did was when we called to make a reservation, we said that we had a Celiac guest with us and they noted it in the reservation.
For the Illuminations Dessert Party we had as part of CON, we called ahead and the Executive Chef of Epcot:eek: made me my own plate of gluten free cookies that were delicious!!

I had a book that my dad and I had ordered that listed what foods and brands had been certified gluten-free and that helped as well. I just carried it around the parks with me.

When I got to the restaurants, the chef would come out and go over the menu with me and find something that I not only could eat but also enjoyed.
The McDonalds in Downtown Disney has its own fryer for just french fries so you can eat those because they are not mixed with chicken nuggets or anything like that.

I was AMAZED at how helpful everyone was. It was a great trip despite the limited diet.


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Nov 5, 2003
I don't have Celiac, but I have seen it addressed on www.allearsnet.com . There is a whole section on special diets. As far as counter service, I have seen people order things and just ask for no bun and explain why a bun can't even touch the food. All Disney counter service places also have a listing of every ingredient in all the dishes, we've had to use it because my mom is allergic to peppers. I'm sure Disney has had very odd requests that have nothing to do with a person's health, so I wouldn't be hesitant at all about asking for what you need.

Good luck!


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