Can you use Disney Dollars on Cruise?

All purchases on board the ship are charged to your stateroom account. You can pay this stateroom charge with cash, check, credit card, disney dollars, or a combination.
Worked out great for us!

Our children received Disney Dollars for Christmas. We let them make purchases on board charged to our room account and then used the Disney Dollars to help settle our account. No problems at all!

Yes, you can use Disney Dollars on your cruise. I would suggest putting the money on your stateroom account rather than waiting till the end. If they have a credit card for your, once you get up to a certain limit, they charge your card (not sure what the limit is).

Also, you cannot use a Disney Gift Card on board (or in the Disney Village). I did not realize this and had a gift card with me also. Someone had made a suggestion on another board, that if you have a Disney Gift Card, you can trade it in for Disney Dollars at a Disney store before you cruise.

Have a wonderful time.

I agree with Linda, give the Disney Dollors ahead of time. I went down to pay and our credit card had been billed already. I think they charged on our credit card account at 300.00. We had 2 accounts going so we but the Disney Dollors on the other one to pay our Tips. I hope this helps

The amount when they charge your card is $400.00. That is also the limit you can charge if you're going cash, check, or Disney Dollars. What I did on our 12-8 Magic cruise was to stop at Guest Services every day or so and get a printout of all our charges. It only takes a second and helps to avoid the sticker shock many experienced on the final day. When the charges started getting up there, I would simply get money from our room safe and pay it down. You can even pay more than you curently owe, therefore leaving a credit on your account. Just remember that those charges can accrue very quickly, especially if you take partake of alcoholic beverages, excursions, spa treatments, etc.


The info received from my friends on these boards has been invaluable over the past few years!!! :p
I am not sure about when one's credit card is charged, as mine was charged on the day at sea on the 4-day in Jan., and the amount was less than $250. I had planned to charge everything anyway, to be able to do the "express check-out" on the day of disembarkation, but I thought it a little odd when I looked over my account summary that $247 was charged to my visa, then another $53 was charged later the same day.


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