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Discussion in 'California & the West' started by Disney Hot Mama, Aug 6, 2006.

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    Can you recommend any good campgrounds along the 101 from Eureka to Anaheim. I am thinking of two stops for two nights each. We are driving up to Oregon to visit my parents in Grants Pass. On the way home I was thinking instead of staying in hotels to stay at campgrounds with the kids...give them something new. I was thinking Eureka or a bit further and then about a 4 hour drive South and another stay.

    We are tenp camping and it is only me and the kids so I need something safe......

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    Redwoods National Park is near Crescent City.
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    Feb 7, 2006
    I love camping along the North Coast--it's just beautiful!

    You didn't mention North of Eureka, but Patrick's Point (about 25 miles from Eureka) is an excellent park.

    South of Eureka, Richardson's Grove SP is one of my favorite campgrounds in the Redwoods. It's a state park and 'car camping' where you pull your car in and pitch your tent there, but it's not all concrete and built up. It's very beautiful and I have actually camped here alone (about 10 years ago, in my mid 20's). You can let the rangers know you are traveling alone wth the kids :) Depending on when you travel, the Benbow River pools up and makes a great swimming hole. There is a big regee festival there in the summer (I think--maybe early fall) and it's a time you'd want to avoid--esp with kids, lol. Also, the Benbow Inn is very close and you can go have a nice meal if you feel the need. A little north is Garberville and you can find some places to eat here as well.

    4-ish hours from Richardson's grove will put you in the SF bay area and there isn't much camping where I'd want to take my kids along the 101 corridor until you are way south, in Pismo. If you are willing to cut over to Hwy 1 you have some great options north of SF.

    MacKerricher SP, another one of my favorites, so I have to mention it to you. It's near Fort Bragg. I have done an itinerary of MacKerricher and Patrick's Point and found it fantastic!

    Salt Point SP, and that is another great place to camp, it's off hwy 1, North of San Francisco--pretty and on the coast. Lots to do here.

    SF bay area to Pismo takes us about 5 hours (DH says less) with kids and required stops. In contrast, we can go from our home here in the east bay to DL in 5 1/2 hours (including stops) on I5. Depending on how much time you have you may want to do 101/1 and camping only to the bay area, then cut over to 5.

    Let me know if you'd like more info :)
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    New Brighton State Beach at Santa Cruz is great for camping. The bathrooms are very clean. It is on a cliff overlooking the ocean with a great trail that goes down to the nice beach area. You will not be disappointed. This one is a little further south than some of the others mentioned above. :thumbsup2
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    Can anyone tell me more about Redwood National Park? I think I went when I was about 8 and want to go again. I'm having a little trouble finding info because my memory is very fuzzy from that long ago.

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