BW construction is it over?


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Aug 11, 2001
My mom & I are staying at BW, going home in April. She knew that they were doing work & has been giving me a hard time since she ahd been on another vacation while repairs were being done and had a miserable time. JAck hammers at 5:00 am is not her idea of relaxing. Any info? Tried to ask pluto but it wouldn't let me.
If by construction, you mean the exterior renovations, the answer is no. I don't know how much longer the exterior rehab will take, but I'm positive they won't be done by April.

FWIW, these renovations were going on while we were there last December. They were working on the outside of the rooms overlooking the quiet pool and Community Hall at that time. We never heard a thing - certainly no jackhammer noise! Our room was across the hall from the rooms overlooking the quiet pool. It appeared to us that the rooms in the area being renovated were not in use, but we could have been mistaken.

It's JMHO, but I really don't think you and your Mom will have to worry about the construction noise.
We just got home on Wed. from BWV. They were working on rooms on the Boardwalk. Scaffolding was up with white sheets covering the rooms. We never heard a thing, but were in a standard view room this time, so we weren't anywhere near the construction.
Thanks! You can't imagine what happens to this woman on vacations. The old saying if it can it will that's her!

We checked out of BWV on Friday....there is work going on along the boardwalk and on the side of the villas where the quiet pool is located (the quiet pool, from what I could tell, is currently closed). As long as your room isn't behind the scaffolding I can't see it being a problem at all. There are notices in the rooms that construction will only be done between the hours of 8:30am and 6pm...when most folks are out of the room, or heading out.

We really didn't notice much of anything...certainly no jackhammers at odd hours.
The rooms behind the scaffolding aren’t available for occupancy. BWV can only have max. 78% occupancy during the renovations due to this.
Thanks MaryEllen...I had been wondering about that. It did seem like a huge # of rooms were blocked off to have them all be empty, but I guess that's why it was so quiet!


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