BTTF and MiB

BTTF is one of the roughest and best (IMHO) simulator rides in the country. MiB is sort of like Buzz Lightyear, but the guns have more freedom of movement and most of the aliens aren't cardboard cutouts.
Back to the Future is one of the most out of control simulator rides , similar to Star Tours. Men in Black is like playing Laser Tag with robots. It's really cool. Warning though, both of these are popular rides, and have two of the longest lines in Universal Studios, so make at least one of them your first or last ride to avoid the craziness.
Ahhh New ones!:smooth: :crazy: :wave: :tongue: :earseek:
That is so cool!
Back to the Future is one of the most out of control simulator rides , similar to Star Tours.

Except the screen is 8 stories tall....

MIB is quite addictive, so plan on repeat rides! Use Express tics accordingly.
Not a roller coaster, it's mild - spinning dark ride ( and you have a weapon! ) Shoot 'em all, let Zed sort 'em out!
I have not been to Universal since MiB opened. I am really looking forward to the ride since it is one of my favorite movies. My questions are these: Who controls the spinning of the ride? Does it spin fast and out of control? Could a person get motion sickness? I can take log flume type rides but I could never enjoy a roller coaster or spinning ride such as the Tea Cups in WDW. Thanks for the help.
Your car spins once if your exhaust port is hit by a laser beam of another person in another car. This can happen about three times in the middle of the ride. At the end of the ride your car spins three times while you are in a dark mist. You should not get sick. I could never do tea cups or anything like that and went on MIB six times in a row.

BTTF makes me sick and gives me a sore neck for the rest of the day. Way too rough. I love Star Wars though.


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