i get mine from a scrapbooking store, but I don't think there is anything special about them except that they are quite small compared to normal stationary one's.

The brads I prefer are the ones with the tinier legs. I would like to think that the ones that are packaged and sold for scrapbooks have a special coating on them but I think I am probably deluding myself.
I have been looking for a tutorial and havent found one yet, on how to use brads. Anyone here brave enough to post one?
Or of course a link to one would be fine too. Thanks,

Well I used them today for the first time and they are VERY easy. Literally you just poke a hole or make a small slit with shears or an exacto knife in the paper, insert the brad and pull the legs back.

Now eyelets... those seem much more difficult!
Eyelets are just as easy! Just make a hole put it thru and flatten the back using the eyelet tool and a hammer! Or you can be like me and just forget the eyelet tool and giver a good whack with the hammer!! It works on the plain eyelets but I would not recommend my "technique" on any of the decorative/shaped ones as it will probably distort the shape somewhat!
Grover in Winnipeg


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