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    I don't know anything about bonnet creek can anyone tell me anything about this resort whether pros or cons ... Looking to get a one bedroom place to stay. Right now I have a WLV for our stay, a one bedroom. It's quite pricey so I'm looking for an alternate option....although I absolutely have never stayed "off property" I have been disney spoiled for my whole life so I am not sure if I can actually stay anywhere not disney .... Please help :)
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    Check out this thread on the Orlando Resorts thread:

    It's sort of long but should give you all the info you need. It's kept very current. We'll be staying in a one bedroom Deluxe villa at Wyndham Bonnet Creek in less than two weeks and can't wait.:cool1::cool1: We booked through Vacation Strategy, but Vacation Upgrades and Farrells Vacations all get excellent reviews. Just get quotes from all three and go with the cheapest. Alot of people also book through VRBO. Their prices will vary depending on what inventory they may have and also the time of the year. Never book directly through Wyndham Bonnet Creek as you'll be paying probably twice as much. For us, Vacation Strategies was the cheapest for our dates. We got a one bedroom deluxe for $896.00 for ten nights, (so $89.60 per night). You can't even get a Value resort for that at WDW.

    They do charge a $5.00 per person per trip fee if you use their shuttle now, but if you have a car, you don't pay anything. If you have an Annual Pass you can also skip paying for parking at the parks, otherwise park parking is like $14.00 or $15.00 per day for offsite guests.

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