BLT: The Good, the Bad, the It Could Have Been Worse! DAY THREE

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    Aug 26, 1999
    Possibility of rain later. But I'm prepared and have ponchos for everyone!! We arrive at Epcot right at opening. SIL takes all the tickets and makes the mad dash for Soarin' FP's while the rest of us get the stroller, and DH and I look up our tile on the Leave A Legacy stones. Kinda cool to see our pics from 13 years ago! Even after heading there at opening, the FP's for Soarin' were for 11:50. The park seemed to be very crowded for so early in the morning, and with Test Track closed, Soarin' was just that much more popular. Did a few other attractions, got Soarin' in, and decided to do lunch. Half of us wanted to eat at the Seasons, while DH, myself, and DGD wanted a burger at the American Adventure. So, we split. Got to the ferry across World Showcase, and... one ferry down. By the time we got to American Adventure, the others were done with lunch and calling to meet up with us. Of course, we were done by the time they got there, so it worked out. Funny note – DD stopped a CM and asked him how to get to America. He just smiled and said, “Honey, you're in America!” :lmao:. After lunch we worked our way around half of the World Showcase, letting the kids stop at each Kidcot station and get their passports (which I made with the help of the wonderful Disigners on the Creative DISigns board) stamped and signed. By the time we got to Mexico, the black clouds had rolled in and it was thundering and starting to sprinkle. Thought we'd stop at Spaceship Earth on the way out, but about 1,000 others had the same idea so we skipped it and headed back for a quick nap and pre-dinner drink. Called central lost and found, still no camera but I filed a report just in case someone's conscience kicked in. Had ADR's at O'Hana for this night. Another fabulous meal! Great food and great server. The rain had stopped and it looked like it was clearing, so we all decided to change and hit MK for a couple of rides. We had no sooner arrived than the heavens opened and we were drenched. But I had ponchos … back in the room :blush:. We huddled in a store and thought surely the park would clear out and we'd have it all to ourselves. WRONG!! After all, there's a parade later and by golly a little downpour is not going to deter anyone from seeing it! We did Haunted Mansion and fought our way through the parade crowd and called it a night. Tomorrow: EMH at Disney Hollywood Studios!

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