binoculars for AK/AKL


Jan 21, 2001
I know nothing about binoculars but thought they might be nice to have at AK/AKL. I understand they can cost up to $1000! I wd want them under $100 compact/travel size ones What do I look for and are ones like that worth while? Thanks for any help & suggestions
My mom has a small pair of binoculars that she is able to just throw in her bag. She really likes them and they're good enough for what she wants. I have never thought about it, but I think it's a good idea, especially for AK.
Ok I may be off base here but $1000 for Binoculars????? My sister went on a REAL Picture Safari and the ones she took were about $150.

For Disney I am bringing the ones we brought from the Discovery store for $20 and our daughters that were $12. The both are really good and do the job. We used them last year at DL and SD Zoo and Safari.


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