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Nov 23, 2001
Had the placement ARD this morning for my 7yo DD. This was the more formal placement rather than the transfer ARD we did in November before she transferred to public school. They didn't do any additional testing just used the testing from her private school.

All sounds great. She's not having any problems in the classroom, and making progress in her reading skills. They did mention that she is reluctant to go to the special education teacher except for her scheduled time. There are times where she needs more assistance than the teacher can provide but she balks when asked to take it to the special education room. She seems to want to try to do the same work as her classmates whenever possible.

It feels good to have the reasurance that we have made the right choices for her. I was a little worried when she first started that I would start getting the phone calls like when she was in pre-school and having major meltdowns. The 2 1/2 years in her private school really helped to identify her difficulities and teach her how to deal with the frustration and emotions involved.

I know there are no quick fixes and we've got lots of work ahead but we've passed one more hurdle. We'll break out the party hats & favors when she starts reading :D

SueM in MN

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Aug 23, 1999
Thanks for letting us know. Sounds like things are going well.


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Apr 29, 2001
That first hurdle is always the hardest. Best of luck!