Big Lottery Win


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Sep 10, 1999
OK, so not that big!

We managed to get 4 numbers tonight (in one line!).

Just checked the prize allocations and we have won £111 :p :bounce: :bounce: :p
That's a big win at our house. The most we've ever won is $150

Just for a moment I thought that maybe you had hit the jackpot. I was just about to start writing a begging letter.

I do agree though that that amount is a decent win. Our syndicate has about 16 members and last week we had 2 numbers on 16 tickets! Someone somewhere is laughing their socks off at us.

Any plans for spending your winnings?

We haven't decided yet what to blow all our winnings on :)

I'm split between a world cruise or a good indian meal :)

Well, OK, only won a tenner, but that's the first tenner I've won in for about 5 years (but then that's probably because I very rarely do the lottery;) ).

:p Still, tenner's a tenner.

Well done Tim. Now you can get another Monkey for company;) :rolleyes:
LOL Tim my bets on a curry :p

Congratulations - that's a big win - I have never even one a tenner:(

That's Great Tim - I only got two numbers last night, but I must admit I have won £10 3 or 4 times now, so it's about time I won the jackpot! ;)

Maybe you could buy a Mrs Monkey to keep himself company! LOL!!! ;)
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger! I have never won anything- but I will keep the faith. Congrats on your win- ENJOY
Congratulations Tim - enjoy the Curry ;)

I must admit, I have been lucky on the Lottery - not lucky enough, obviously, but fairly lucky! LOL

I won £1790 with 5 numbers about 4 years ago then about 3 weeks later won £95 with 3 numbers and the following week won £160 with 3 numbers again! I quite often win £10's too - but as nice as that all is - I feel sure I wont ever with the Big One - I must have used up all my luck for sure by now dont you think??

My mum won on the Irish Lotto last wednesday - she got £230 for 3 numbers! Bigger odds I think?

Good luck to you Tim - just dont let it go to your head! LOL ;)
.... well the champagne was on Tim in Chat tonight....... and that aleays goes straight to your head! Is that what you mean Janice ;) ?

(Edit: See? I can't even type straight :p )
Congratulations Tim! I would spend it all on a curry, you can have a cruise anytime:p


Way to go Tim!

The biggest win I ever had was 4 numbers which gave me £44!

I've given up since :(


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