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    Dec 30, 2000

    First and foremost - Thank you everyone who has shared information on this board. This is our 1st family vacation (dd 5 & ds 4) and the first vacation that I'm bringing my wheelchair. It's taken my DH 2 years to convince me to go to WDW. Reading the disABILITIES board has put alot of my anxieties at ease!!

    In you opinions, where is the best spot to see Iluminations and the MK evening parade and fireworks when your in a wheelchair. How long should you get to these spots prior to the shows to stake you claim?


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    Feb 2, 2000
    We like to watch the parade from the handicap spot at the end of Main Street by the castle. However, you need to get there early because it fills up fast. We watch on the right as you walk out by the first store (near castle). It's a great place to see Tinkerbell and when the fireworks are over we go in the store and walk through. All the stores on that side of the street are connected to each other. The streets are very crowded but the stores are pretty empty.
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    Our last trip was the first time I used an ECV at WDW. This board also alleviated many of my concerns prior to the trip. We watched Illuminations from from a wheelchair area near the UK. The cast members were very nice to all of us in the area. I did not go to the MK on this past trip.

    I know you didn't ask, but I'll add a few comments anyway :) : I found the cast members at the Disney MGM-Studios to be very helpful at Indiana Jones, the Beauty & the Beast show, the Hunchback Show & the evening Fantasmic show.

    At Animal Kingdom, my friend who was also using an ECV, wanted to sit down front at Tarzan Rocks; the cast members were very helpful in getting us down front. We were right next to the stage. The cast members at the Festival of the Lion King were also helpful.

    Have fun & enjoy WD
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    There is a handicapped viewing area at the lagoon in front of the world showcase. It is right around the two stores, actually, I think it is in front of one of the stores. When you get htere, check out the area.

    My Mom uses a ECV when we are there. What a difference it makes for her! It gives her a real sense of independence. No one has to push! It also allows her to put in a much longer day than without it.

    Have a great trip!

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    The handicapped viewing areas can get very full during busy times and patience is not one of my dd's virtues, so we usually don't use the handicapped spots. The last time we did, she ended up seated behind a tree and couldn't see a thing (funny, we didn't notice it until the fireworks started). For Illuminations, you can get a spot pretty much anywhere along the water. We always scout out sites as we are making our way around WS earlier in the day. If you look in the late afternoon, they will already have the barges set up where they do the fireworks and low things from. If you can see them, you have a good view. Where ever you go, you get a little different view.
    For MK, we like to sit on the porch of the building just to your right as you come into MK (It has Tony's Italian restaurant using part of the porch). My FIL and MIL like to get there about 90 minutes before the parade. They pull rockers up to the porch rail and they are all set.

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