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Sep 11, 2000
What is the best Disney Rumor that you have heard? I am quite partial to the Emu Leg story. Then again who could not love Fire Mountain thought?

I though the best one was Eisner being to asked to leave Disney....But then the alarm clock woke me up....
yeah, the smoked turkey legs being emu legs was a good one, but who hasn't heard the one about Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen and stored under Cinderella Castle? (Or is that Sleeping Beauty Castle in DL?):jester:
My favorite rumor is that Paul Pressler is the anti-disney and is somehow the man responsible for making every decision that people don't like. Now come on thats like saying George W Bush is responsible for every rise and fall in the stock market.
The best rumor I heard was that 20,000 leagues was being re-opened as an Atlantis attraction to go along with the animated movie:bounce:
The two that infuriate me most are the one about Walt being frozen (more ppl believe this than not), and also the email from "Walt Disney Jr" for the WDW contest that is probably still being spread around the net
My favorite rumor is that Paul Pressler had never set foot inside Disneyland until AFTER he was named President of the place. I give one about a 50% chance of being true (he's from outside of the area and his previous jobs with Consumer Products wouldn't have required any theme park exposure). I've been trying to track this down for a while.

Probably just a rumor, but it would explain a hell of a lot.
It's a rumor that they are turkey legs. Not many people would eat them if they know that they are really emu legs.
Best rumor that was reported was that they were testing line of sight with red balloons at Cal.Misadventure so they can quickly add Tower of Terror, boy is this new park tanking it or what. Michael's folly needs serious overhaul fast, can't believe after ripping off all with closure of electrical parade thats the best "new idea" they could think of. Probably screw this "new" vewrsion up enough to ruin people's memory of it too!!
Sorry Radar, but I have just spent a week at The Grand Californian, shuttling back and forth between California Adventure and Disneyland.
While I always thought that closeness of the hotel and parks was a great thing in Florida, nothing prepared me for being able to walk out the side entrance of the Grand Californian and step directly onto the line for Grizzly River Run in DCA. A few STEPS away was Disneyland. Downtown Disney connects all. The close proximity of both parks and hotels was wonderful.
AND, California Adventure was wonderful as well. There's a lot more to do at DCA than at either the Animal Kingdom or Disney Studios. I love the Animal Kingdom, but DCA has much more to do. It is also a beautiful "Disney" park.
My wife and I have been to all four Disney parks around the world, and California Adventure stands well among them.
AND, it is TRUE that Disney is cryogenically frozen. NOT a rumor.;)
I think about the rumor that Disney was frozen every year when the Disney ice skating show comes to town. Each year, our local auditorium displays a sign which reads: "Coming soon: DISNEY ON ICE" :earseek: ! The imagery this brings to mind is not pleasant.

(And yes, I know that the rumor's not true)
I'd say my favorite is Disney opening up the wallet to add some decent attractions (i.e. fire or bald Mountain).


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