Best room for 5 yr old & 18 month old at the Poly


Dreaming of Disney
Feb 13, 2002
We have a standard room with 2 queens and a crib. Is there anything else I can request to make our trip happier? A certain view? A certain building?

Thanks in advance!
On our first stay at the Polynesian we stayed in the Raratonga bldg. We went with another family. There were 5 kids under 6, so we didn't want to walk to far to get to everything. We were right next to the GCH and the laundry. The pool is very close to. I requested 1st floor. I didn't want a room with a balcony, with little ones around they scare me. We faced the parking lot, but you can't see it from the first floor. It was great because the kids just loved to watch the monorail go by. They would guess what color it was:)
We stayed at the Polynesian for the first time in Dec 2001 with a 15 month old and a 7 year old.
We loved it! It is very spread out, so if you want to be close to the monorail, food restaurants,
and the monorail at the GCH, stay in Niue or Rarotonga. We stayed in a standard room in Niue
on the second floor - Room 2709. We had a view of the quiet pool, and it was beautiful.
I would pick Niue over Rarotonga because I don't like a view of the parking lot. The pool
view was beautiful. The standard rooms on the second floors do not have balconys. I
think only more upper scale rooms have them. Niue was close to everything. There is an elevator
in Rarotonga that you use to go up to the second floor of Niue. You just go up, and then cross a
bridge to Niue. It was so wonderful staying at the Polynesian with a baby. My husband could
stay with my older son at the park, while I took the baby back for a nap. Then, they could just
come back when they were ready. Also, you'll be able to see all the Magic Kingdom fireworks from
the Polynesian. We LOVED it!


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