Beating the Heat...


Dec 6, 2000
HI! While traveling through the parks last July, my boyfriend and I brought a small face cloth and a plastic bag. When we felt ourselves getting hot, we simply wet the towel in the bathrooms and washed our faces. It was cool and refreshing.

Anyone else have some heat beating tips?

we do the same thing, but I start off with a plastic bag and icecubes in it. OH THAT IS SOOOOO COLD!!!

The other thing I like to do is wrap my feet in a cold towel when we take a helps to keep swelling down which I am prone to.

Finally I tend to carry an extra pair of socks with me. There is nothing like taking off the shoes and leting the toes wiggle a little, then slipping on a fresh pair of socks. :eek:
Saw some tiny fans at The Dollar store that take a AA battery. I'm going back and pick up a couple. If they even give me an illusion of being cooler, it'll be worth it!!! LOL! :D

Thanks for the other tips. I appreciate it. I am always looking for new things to try on my Disney vacations!

something very easy....everytime you use the drinking fountain, finish up by running the cold water on your wrists for a few seconds, it really cools you down.


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I'm guessing on this but I'd bet that having that cool wet wrap next to your jugular vein helps keep your blood cooled down a little---in the same way as the previous post had mentioned about running water over your wrists.

My family went last July (whew!) and our way of cooling off was with our "Misty Mate". It is a pressurized container that sprays a very fine mist. It was great and ALOT of other people standing in line enjoyed it also lol. ;)
heres what we did to keep cool.

got those fans on top of the water sprayer. you can find them at WDW, but i got mine at the disney store. a definate must. although i dont think you need one for everyone.

if you have long hair, put it up in the morning wet. it really helped keep me cool all day.

spray deoderant your feet in the morning. if you go for a mid day break, change shoes.

freeze your water over night, it will last a long time during the hot day.

try not to be outside in the major heat for more than 10 minutes.

start early, break at mid day and go til you drop at night.


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