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    May 20, 2016
    I am a high school student trying to prepare myself for the Disney Baking Program. I understand that I need to have the first year of college done and a year of culinary arts school done. I live in FL and there are no good culinary schools here that I would want to participate in. I have contacted Disney through email and have gotten a scripted reply multiple times. I love Disney way too much to give up due to lack of information and I would love your help.

    First question: Does Disney count the Hillsborough County College as a culinary arts college? If you went to this college and applied and got in, please let me know.

    Second question: How was the application process different compared to the regular college program?

    Third question: Can I get a referral to get into the program? If not, what are the reasons? Just curious.

    Fourth question: How did the program go and what were your usual hours throughout the week? Was it consistent or all over the place?

    Fifth question: How did you like the program?

    I appreciate the time you have taken in answering my questions!

    ~ Emily

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