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Earning My Ears
Feb 3, 2015
We are almost 180 days out and I'm debating on where to reserve bibbiddii bobbiddi boutique for my 7 year old. This is our first WDW trip and she didn't get to do bbb at Disneyland.
I'm sure the experience is the same, but what about crowds, the wait, do they do the exact same thing?
I bought her a beautiful WDW Store sleeping beauty costume to wear. Would that be uncomfortable to wear in the park?
We did this for our eldest DD on our last two trips (BBB at MK) when she was aged 7&10. First time she was Cinderella, we had 845 appointment the had breakfast in the castle booked for 1015 we made this in plenty of time. After breakfast we did a few rides, by about 1pm she was getting hot. It was last 2 weeks of October. We had her change into a cool summer dress and she wore her sash over that.

When she was 10 she was Elsa, we had same times booked but no breakfast,(we did Norway princess the next morning) again she was getting changed by lunch time(same time of year). Both times she kept her hair in for a good few days, it was hard to not get it wet in the pools!

We waited about 20 mins after our reservation last time but I did request the same fairy godmother as we had previously and she was still there, I hope to have her next year when my youngest gets to do BBB. It was busy and crowded but the turn around is quick.

She had the princess makeup nails and hair both times. With the photo shoot the 2nd time. I would recommend if you can, have your DD wear something like a vest under the outfit to avoid itching, this worked with mine but then just get too hot as the day goes on, so a nice dress is 2nd best.
I'd book it and cancel later if you're on the fence. There's no money upfront. But you won't decide you want it later and not be able to find an opening.
Thanks so much for the responses.
We are staying off site at WBC. Would it be closer to book at Downtown Disney or WDW? I have three boys that will not be doing BBB, so I kind of want then to be doing something with Dad while we are getting beautiful :-)

DTD is closer but it's not 'the castle'. The boys could do the Lego store while your at BBB or shop!
How old are your boys? Would they do Pirates League at MK? It's where they can have a pirate makeover.
Or they could do some rides with dad?
My granddaughter loved it; we did it at the castle for the full experience. As you can see, she wore her comfy tennis shoes, and wore her dress all day.


We booked last year for our 2 oldest, we set it for 8:10 or 8:15am, there was no wait and they were done with them before 9am. My girls (6 and 3 at the time) loved it and I wouldn't mind booking again if they decide they want to for our next trip. We didnt take dresses for them because we figured they'd get hot in them pretty quickly (we were there early Aug), but I did see little girls wearing their princess dresses around the park and they looked absolutely beautiful. A little hot but beautiful nonetheless lol

If I had boys I'd definitely take them over to Pirates League, they'd love it!


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