avi, windows media, and reali player files - can you watch these on TV??


Minnie Mouse wannabee
May 17, 2005
Hi there!

I have (and I'm sure this applies to many of you too!) downloaded many video files from various Disney-themed sites of rides, shows, etc, and I really enjoy watching them.

As far as I'm aware, you can only watch these via the PC i.e on the PC's monitor.

I could be living in a dream world, but is there any way that you can transfer these files to a rewriteable DVD enabling you to play them on a DVD player, and therefore watch them on TV?

Any information would be appreciated (please note, I'm not very technical, so an "idiots" version would be best ;) )


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Feb 27, 2005
Yes you can but unfortunately there is a different procedure for each type of file type. Basically you would have to convert to a suitable format and depending on the size and quality of the original video it may not be worth it. ANYWAYS, here is a very helpful website that has tutorials on how to do the sorts of things you are asking about. http://www.videohelp.com/


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