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  1. nicolemarie

    nicolemarie DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    This is how it started. It was an innocent purchase. Just one would qualify us for the room discount. And we were staying 7 nights – it was the kid’s Spring Break – so it made sense. It paid for itself in room savings alone.

    But, Disney knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    I was being assimilated.

    No one buys an AP and uses it for ONE trip.

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is NicoleMarie. And I’m a Passholder.


    Yep. It’s true. With this little piece of paper, I can log in to the Passholder section of the Disney website. I qualify for special discounts all over the World. I can get good deals on rooms. I even get the Mickey Monitor which alerts me to exclusive happenings in the parks for passholders.

    AND I could go to a park every single day for an entire year if I wanted to.

    But I don’t need all of that.

    I just need the room discount for our Spring Break trip.

    That’s all. Just one Annual Pass, please. Thank you.

    Like I said, Disney knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

    So the Spring Break trip came and went.

    We dined with characters, avoided crowds (thanks TGM!), rode our favorite rides multiple times, swam at SAB, saw lots of shows and parades, and had only one or two tense family moments the whole week.

    It was as close to perfect as a family vacation can be. The kind of vacation that you can’t wait to repeat. From the moment we got home and my post-Disney vacation depression settled in, I was itchin’ to go back.

    I have an AP, after all. It’s free.

    Then this past summer, The NM’s took a “non-Disney” trip to a resort in Orlando with the in-laws – who wanted no part of Disney in the summer. I tried to convince my husband before the trip to go ahead and get AP’s for the rest of the family. We could maybe sneak in a morning at a park. Wouldn’t that be fun? And then we’d be set for the any future Disney trips we wanted to take in the next year.

    He gave an emphatic “no” and thus the Pump Fake Disney Trip was born.

    But it was on the Pump Fake Disney Trip that my husband said something that sounded as sweet to my ears as the day he said “I do.” Something that let me know we really were meant to be together.

    He vowed that this was the last vacation the NM’s would take that didn’t involve at least one day at a Disney park.

    I fell in love with him all over again and picked up the phone to dial 407-WDISNEY.

    My quest to be a Passholder Family was in full swing.

    But before we go any further, let’s get aquainted with the future Passholders. The bearers of full-time Disney magic.

    Here’s the crew:

    DH – He is 8 days older than me. But goes through life exhibiting all the immaturity of someone half our age. Or more. But that’s what makes things fun, right?

    He loves nothing more than to embarrass his kids in public, throw out Seinfeld references to folks who probably don’t get it, and think of who he can pretend he is when he calls someone on the phone. He’s a complete dork and keeps me in stitches pretty much all the time. And despite his athletic prowess, dashing good looks and above average intelligence, the sense of humor is what drew me to him. And keeps us enjoying each other to this day.

    We are quite opposite in that he is the exemplary Type-A and I’m only organized as it relates to vacations, but we buried the hatchet about that several years ago and just bought a house with separate master closets.

    Me – NicoleMarie. NM in some cyber-circles. I’m 36 and holding. Forever. I love being a stay at home mom and wife, and I’m pretty plugged-in to the typical stuff that goes along with that. I won’t bore you with the details. I’m laid back unless you make a spelling typo or try to mess with my Disney vacation itinerary. Or my babies.

    I love a great pair of jeans with some cute shoes, but my make-up routine takes all of about 3 minutes. In the car. I highlight my hair, bleach my teeth (there are dentists in my family - it’s free) and wear acrylic over my nails. But I’m all about keepin’ it real. So I don’t use self-tanner. I love music, taking pictures and Disney World.

    Sweet Pea – 8 yrs old. And going on 18. I recently told a teacher in a parent/teacher conference that I had to apologize in advance for my eyes tearing up. I explained that anytime I talk about my children – regardless of whether I’m actually feeling emotional – I tear up. My love for them is that overwhelming. My love for my husband is, too. But something is different about my babies. They are a part of me. And a part of my husband. And to me, they are the best of both. Anyway.


    My daughter is the child you would pick if you chose kids from a catalog. A perfect sleeper from the beginning. Has never thrown a tantrum. Obedient the first time. Grateful when you do something for her. Good student in school. Well-mannered in public - and at home. And says I’m her best friend.

    I love spending time with her and seeing her evolve into the sweet young lady she is. Fortunately, she was the first-born and led us to believe two things.

    First, that we had this parenting thing down. And second, that Number Two would be no problem.

    Which brings me to just that. Child number two.

    Little Man – 4 yrs old. And despite the drastic differences in behavior from his older sister, he’s just as enjoyable to be around. And he has my heart around his tiny little finger. I absolutely adore this guy and find myself walking in his room at night after he’s asleep just so I can stare at his sweet face.


    But oh, how he’s different from his sister.

    Here’s a perfect example. Both of my kids suffer from that middle of the night ailment known as leg cramps. If your child doesn’t get them, say a prayer of thanks right now. They are no fun for anyone. But if my daughter is awakened with one, she quietly climbs out of bed, tiptoes to our room, and stands beside me and whispers “Mommy?” When she sees I’m awake, she simply says “My leg hurts” and we go through the drill. Which is Tylenol, a massage, and back to sleep.

    But Little Man’s middle of the night adventures do not go quite like that. When he awakens, he then proceeds to yell to the top of his lungs.

    From his bed. In his room.


    Surprisingly, my husband can sleep right through this.

    Our son is passionate about airplanes, Georgia Football, whatever community league sport he’s in at the time, and his sister. He absolutely adores his big sis. He’s inherited his Daddy’s sense of humor, and he adds a dynamic to our family that is nothing short of precious and fun. We all baby him.

    Bless his future-wife’s heart.

    Not really.

    I already don’t like her.

    So that’s the crew in a nutshell. And now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. The stuff that you came here for.

    The Disney stuff.

    Next Up: Frickles ALMOST Thwarts My Plan [post=15831927] Chapter Two [/post]
  2. LaLa

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    Aug 26, 2005
    Or did you?

    I like this one better, by the way. It's longer. And more detailed.

    She's yelling "Go State... Go State" in this picture isn't she? I can just tell. And I ain't talkin' Georgia either.



    ...sounds so much like my husband. The girls at my office have caught onto him over the years though and now they know that when somebody named Luscious calls and tries to place an order for a pizza, to hang up on him.

    This cracked me up.

    I can so identify with this. It's unbelievable how much love we can hold in our hearts for our babies. They tug on our heartstrings in ways that never cease to amaze me.

    NicoleMarie, my girl. I should be knocked out right now but for some strange reason, I'm wired. Must be from all the cold medicine. Anyway, I'm so pysched that you've started your trip report! Glad I stumbled upon it because I've been waiting for this one.

    You really know how to take us along for the ride with your beautiful little family. You transport us there with your writing and your awesome shots of our favorite vacation destination. I loved your last one (and Pump Fake I) and can't wait to see how the NMs do Thanksgiving week at the Mouse House.

    Bring it on, Turkey.

    :moped: :moped:
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  4. Disfan3

    Disfan3 DIS Veteran

    Jun 12, 2006
    my sista from anotha mista!! OK OK I just had to throw that one out there because my 6 yo taught it to me a few days ago... :rotfl:

    anway...BORG is all I can say. I do not self-tan either. I use a tanning bed or good ol fashioned U-V 45 sunshine!!! You had me DED on this one NM! :rotfl2: Great start! LY-MI
  5. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    Apr 8, 2005
    NM, great start, love the introduction! Looking forward to the report!!!
  6. saschab

    saschab Mouseketeer

    Sep 6, 2006
    I'm in! :thumbsup2 Great start!
  7. jakenjess

    jakenjess DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2005
    I'm glad I'm not the only teary-eyed mom! The waterworks turn on just thinking about my kiddos! :goodvibes

    Hum, this sounds oddly familiar. :rolleyes:

    I can tell it's going to be a great report! Bring it on!
  8. AshClan

    AshClan DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2001
    I, like LaLa, have been waiting for this one. Can't wait to hear about all the NicoleMarie family adventures in the Happiest Place on Earth.

    And you made ME tear up talking about the kiddie love. It is so true, and I have teared up at many a teacher conference. MOST of the time, it's for the same reasons as you. We won't address the other times. :sad2:

    Thanks, NM! Can't wait for the rest!!
  9. kaysmommie

    kaysmommie DIS Veteran

    Feb 27, 2006
    Subscribing to your TR. Your DH sound so reasonable about your love for Disney. I can relate to how strongly you love your kids. As I just adore mine too. Will be waiting to hear all about your trip.
  10. lexmelinda

    lexmelinda <font color=blue>Has a Seussical googling DD<br><f

    Apr 21, 2006
    Well, I usually just click on the CP to check the subscriptions...but I went looking for this one. So happy you're back and have started this TR. Can't wait to hear about it but do everybody a favor, girlfriend, and put a link in the siggie already!

    BTW...You're little man sounds a lot like greatest challenge and my greatest joy...babied, loved, and enjoyed immensely by us all. :goodvibes

    You don't use self-tanner....way to keep it real, NM! :lmao: And I see we are the same age...36 and holding! It's been my favorite age for several years now. :thumbsup2

    Can wait to hear more!!
  11. Frickles

    Frickles DIS Veteran

    Oct 3, 2005
    NM!!! Where to begin! Your frickin introduction is banana man worthy!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

    I want one of those. Seriously. You enlightened me to the idea of getting one when I read your last tr (which by the way everyone should read :) )
    Do you think I could borrow yours along with your pointer finger for a day and try it out?

    I had to quote this one again... :rotfl2:

    And I have to say I love the Georgia Bulldogs game pics! It was a very lovely addition! Go Dawgs!

    Now this....
    Oh My! :crazy: You know me NM. :stir: If I can't go to Disney I don't want anyone else going either.

    Oh good gravy, I can't wait to hear how I ALMOST ruined it for ya! AAAHHHH!
  12. ZZUB

    ZZUB Roll Tide, Mean It

    May 9, 2003
    How do you do that while driving? Doesn't your husband mind the smell? We have a strict "no hair products in the car" rule. It surprises me that Mr. NM would tolerate anything less.

    I couldn't agree more. I already hate the guy who tries to marry my daughter. He's stupid, too brainy, comes from a bad family, comes from a hoity toity family, has a limited vocabulary, flaunts his fancy schmancy twelve syllable words, doesn't appreciate Bama football enough even though he was a three year starter at quarterback and led them to two national championshiops, doesn't make enough money, is too materialistic, doesn't have a mature enough faith, wants to spend too much time on the mission field, farts too much and doesn't fart enough.

    How does one do this when you are going to the coast for the weekend? Show me how and I'm down.

    Can't wait to read more.

  13. kpk89

    kpk89 <font color=green>I know that you know that I kn..

    Aug 29, 2004
    Hey NM! I too am IN! Of course. Borg on the tearing up at the teacher conferences thing. You said it perfectly.

    Can't wait to hear how Thanksgiving at the world goes. And if TGM is worth it!
  14. horsegirl

    horsegirl <font color=red>I feel blonder than a cocker spani

    Aug 21, 2005
    All I have is an "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" for this trip report! I love the pix and the love for your kiddies is just so wonderful. Thanks mama! :thumbsup2
  15. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    amen to what the others said......I still get all gushy when I talk about my babies.......our eldest just turned 37 and our baby will be 35 in Feb.....I could just weep when I tell others about my love for them......Now I can extend it to the grandkids.....thanks for your prelim
  16. NAB

    NAB <font color=green>That first page just got too hea

    May 31, 2006
    I'm in too.

    Your love for you family shines though. Great start. :love:

  17. nicolemarie

    nicolemarie DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    LaLa - My girl, I'm glad you were first! Hope you and the family are feeling much better. I'm still looking forward to more of your report.
    And I have a feeling if our men got together it would either be hilariously funny or really embarrassing. Luscious. That's a good one.

    Disfan3 - "Sista from another mista"? I don't know what scares me worse. That you said that at all, or that your six year old taught it to you. :teeth:

    Hey girl, glad you came on board. It's good having you around.

    Backstage Gal - You know I'm jealous of all the inside info you possess, right? Good to see ya!

    saschab - Welcome! Hope you'll stay around.

    jakenjess, Ashclan, kpk89, Horsegirl, NAB, pumba, Kaysmommie - Thanks for reading!! Yeah, I get emotional when I think of my babies. But I promise not to sap out in every installment. :thumbsup2

    ZZUB - You gave both me and my husband a great laugh on the description of your daughter's future mate. You need to keep that one for your toast at her rehearsal dinner.

    And you've pegged Mr. NM perfectly. No products in the car that have an odor. Period. Or an immediate over-reaction involving ridiculous choking noises and all windows being rolled down will occur.

    Great memory on the beach trip, by the way. I deal with that at the beginning of my next installment.

    Frickles!!! - Has Mr. Frick been assimilated yet? Any shrewd businessman can see the value of an AP! Especially when you live in Georgia!!
    Do we need to meet in Atlanta to discuss the perks over dinner? Or maybe the guys can go for a round of golf while we hit the shops. Sounds like a win-win to me!

    GO DAWGS!!!

    Thanks for reading everyone - the next installment is posting this morning. I know you've been lurking around these boards waiting on it, so I shall not disappoint... :rotfl2:

  18. nicolemarie

    nicolemarie DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    So in July the proclamation is made that our next family vacation will be to Disney World. I immediately begin to scan the calendar for a good time to go.

    And there’s one little problem. Every September we take a beach trip with my parents. We stay a full week, which means pulling the kids out of five days of school. Duh. Sometimes my husband goes the full week, sometimes he can’t. But the kids and I go from Saturday to Saturday and it’s good times with my parents.

    Except this year we really want to use those days out of school for a trip to Disney. So some discussion is given to that, but ultimately we decide that this beach trip is special to all of us, so we’ll start the Disney vacations after September.

    So I scan the calendar again. I remember that back last year, before my true potential as a Disney Nerd had been realized, a friend called to report that she had received an email from Disney. Yep, that’s right. Back then, I actually had friends that knew more about Disney than me.

    I can assure you that’s no longer the case.

    Anyway, the email was advertising cheap rates at the Values during the month of December, and my friend suggested our families take a trip together.

    We’d never been during the Christmas season, and I’d always wanted to go then.

    So we were in. Only we couldn’t work our schedules out, and the NM’s ended up going the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and my friend’s family later in December.

    We had a great trip. But it was short. Sunday and Monday at the Magic Kingdom.


    It was like eating just one Oreo. Or having just 20 minutes to nap on Sunday afternoon. Or hearing the opening score of Wishes as you board the monorail.

    It just wasn’t enough of the World at Christmas.

    So that settles it in my mind. I’m really pullin’ hard for a Thanksgiving trip. No time off school for the kids, and all of the decorations and special happenings will be going on at the World.

    Plus, I won’t have to host the NM Thanksgiving Dinner. Which I didn’t mind last year, but here is the state of affairs in our home.



    A little remodel. Taking much longer than it was supposed to. Surprise.

    So I propose the idea of a trip at Thanksgiving. And DH gives me the look. The one that is a combination of fear and disbelief. The one usually reserved for when I ask him to ride up to the antique market in Atlanta instead of playing golf. Or drive around town on Sunday afternoon going to real estate Open Houses instead of watching football.

    Yeah, that look. It ain’t pretty for NM. This is gonna be a tough sell.

    You see, things are always crazy at my husband’s office this time of year. He says at best, he could leave around 5:00 on Wednesday. Which means we’d be bumper to bumper with all the other holiday travelers on I-75. Then there are the crowds at the parks. Thanksgiving weekend is up in the top five of crowded times to visit the World.

    So he thinks relaxing in front of a ball game and eating pumpkin pie all weekend while we enjoy Thanksgiving at home sounds much better than a trip to Disney.

    Of course, he’d be the only one who actually relaxes on Thanksgiving at home, but that’s beside the point.

    Did I mention that Thanksgiving is one of the most crowded times of the year to visit the World?

    I admit, that might scare my man a little, but it doesn’t scare me. Bring it, I say. Bring on those crowds. I’ve got a subscription to Tour Guide Mike and I ain’t afraid to use it.

    But I tell my DH we’ll do whatever he wants. If he doesn’t want to go at Thanksgiving, that’s fine. He’s the breadwinner and I respect his need for a relaxing holiday weekend. No pressure. But just think about it. Don’t close the door yet.

    He pretty much closes the door. Says he is not down with it.

    And being the submissive wife I am, I go ahead and call Disney to see what resort has the best AP rate for the Thanksgiving weekend.

    It’s AKL by a landslide, so I book it.

    Just in case.

    Now before you go thinking that I’m some manipulative, spoiled brat wife – pressuring my man into a trip he doesn’t want to take – let me set the record straight.

    I know this man like the back of my hand. And I know he loves Disney World. And I also know that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, he’ll be more ready for the trip than I will.

    Call it woman’s intuition.

    Or wishful thinking.

    Either way, I’m securing some ADR’s and making a plan. I ain’t gonna be stuck in the cold when the man comes around a week before the trip. Plus, I’m a Disser. And isn’t the planning ALMOST as fun as the trip?

    So I made up my itinerary in Excel, made lots of ADR’s, and started scouring the boards for stories on how the crowds are at Thanksgiving.

    But because opinions on the DIS are as helpful as they are useless, I got the feeling that I’d have to see it for myself to make a call.

    So through the month of October, conversations go like this.

    DH: Baby, I know you really want to go to Disney at Thanksgiving. But I just don’t see it happening. Things are crazy at the office. I’m really gonna need that time to decompress.

    Me: I totally understand. If you are 100% sure you aren’t gonna change your mind, I’ll cancel the reservations. But if I cancel them, they’re probably gone. Thanksgiving’s a busy time, you know.

    DH: How long do we have before we’re penalized for cancelling?

    Me: Five days out.

    DH: Alright. Leave them for now. We’ll decide later.

    Then that night when it was time for him to get home from the office, me and the kids would be sitting around the TV watching our DVD from the Spring Break Trip. And as we’d hear the garage door open, we’d make sure we forced some fake tears out for effect.

    Again she says she’s not manipulative.

    Things are going well until my buddy Frickles throws in her two cents after what she calls a “crowded” September trip. She says the crowds were horrible and she can’t even imagine what Thanksgiving would be like. My DH catches wind of her concern and agrees. Thanksgiving’s out. Go ahead and cancel the reservation.

    I call his bluff.

    NM: Okay, I’ll cancel it. Hand me the phone. But remember, if you change your mind, we’ll probably be out of luck. Thanksgiving’s a really busy season, you know.

    DH: How long do we have to decide?

    NM: Five days out.

    DH: Alright. Leave it for now.

    These kinds of interactions went on for the whole month. And to be honest, I can’t even remember the actual conversation that sealed the deal. But eventually, my DH realized he could get pretty excited about a Thanksgiving trip to the World. And he said “Let’s do it!”

    He then immediately started strategizing how we could leave a day earlier.

    And I ran to the closest mirror practiced how I could tell the children, “We’re going to Disney World!”

    See? I told you he’d come around.

    Next Up: A New Departure Strategy [post=15948114] Chapter 3 [/post]
  19. BamaGirl

    BamaGirl Mouseketeer

    Mar 29, 2005
    I love your trip report! I can't wait to read more and find out what your experiences were with the crowds. We are planning a Thanksgiving 2007 trip to the World. I am already beginning to plan for it!
  20. Frickles

    Frickles DIS Veteran

    Oct 3, 2005
    NM!!!!! You told me he didn't read it! I freaked out that day! (NM's DH (supposedly) wrote a comment to me thanking me for opening his eyes to the fact it would be so crowded and I had helped him make the decision not to go) I was just trying to give you a bright side in case he said you guys weren't going, but I didn't realize I almost canned the whole trip for ya! :crazy:

    You must have told them that I had not mastered my Tour Guide Mike skills yet. Because it is obvious to me that I am not a great TGM student.

    I say yes to shopping, golfing for the guys and dinner to discuss the perks of an AP!!!

    I'm still shocked I almost spoiled it. You just don't know how bad I felt that day!!!! :blush:
  21. nicolemarie

    nicolemarie DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    Calm down, sweet Frick!

    I was totally kidding about all that! It really happened just like I said back then. I told him about the joke I pulled on you and then he said "maybe she's right". You didn't ruin a thing.

    He isn't a lurker. He only reads things when I pull them up and call him to the computer. I am definitely the only DisDork in my family. :thumbsup2

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