Are there a lot of rides for our 5 year old??


Mar 21, 2001
With all the crazy rides they have are there still a lot of kiddie rides? Thanks. By the way this is my first time here seems like a really cool site.
yes jen your kid should have fun in universal they have a day in the park with barney play area with water ex. curious george and fievels playland
nickelodeon studios hanna barbera ride and a couple shows the others ones may be a little to big for him
at ioa(islands of adventure) they have character lunches suess landing island very good for little kids you will like it there also, couple very good and funny shows jurassic park play area and a neat ride a neat boat where you can squirt people on the raft ride down below
so yeah i think it wouldn't be a bad idea i go there alot and it aint that bad


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