Are theme park plus-size friendly?


Earning My Ears
Feb 20, 2001

I am looking for tips from other plus-size disney veterans re anything that might be helpful to know before getting to WDW. I am a little concerned that some rides may be too small or whatever...

Any suggestion, tips, ideas will be welcomed I really want this first trip to be a good one!

Plus size friendly? I guess that is me. I am I 25yr old female, size 26. I am a thrill ride kinda girl and I had no problem riding Space Mountain, Rock-n-Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, or any ride at the Main theme parks. I didn't do Dumbo at MK or rides of that nature so I can't tell you.

I did do Space Ranger Spin no problem(Great ride a definite must). I also rode the rides with my Plus size Husband( he has a 40 in. waist)

The only ride I COULDN"T do was at DisneyQuest. It was the build your own rollercoaster and after you build it you can go in a simulator andd then ride it. I didn't fit but my husband did.

I was there Feb. 2000, so I may not remember every detail, but I remember most. Feel free to email if you have any other questions.

There is a catagory on called "one size does not fit all". Maybe that will provide you with some info also.


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This water ride at AK has a seat belt that crosses two seats. It was a close call for myself and mother in-law. We both are size 18. Hope this
helps. :D

Disneyworld is great for plus sizes! Myself-5'9" and size 28-and the husband-6'3" 2-3x, have done Disney in June '99 & '00. We rode all the thrill rides-I love em! No problems really. Some rides you may need to be in seperate seats-Kali may be one of those. But really, Disney is the size friendliest theme park by far that I've been too. We're both big people and rode just about everything there, with no problems. Good luck, you should have fun.
Another plus sizer here as well (size 28-30W)and no problems at all. I ride all the thrill rides as well as the Fantasy Land rides and do just fine. I usally either ride with my 3 year old or by myself and have never had any trouble. Have fun!!


I didn't have trouble with any rides at WDW (size 24/26). However, where I did have a problem was at ALAMO. We had rented a van and they gave us an AMC and the belt would not fit across me. I don't know if this is common or just particular van. They switched it (after some difficulty) to a Dodge Caravan which had room for me and more!

I agree, the WDWIG site has an informative large size person report. One thing that is pointed out there and I have noticed for myself is that at MK the turnstiles tend to be very small. That is especially the case for Pirates of the Carribean, Carousel of Progress, Legend of the Lion King and the Haunted Mansion.
For places with small turnstiles, ask the CM to let you use the wheelchair access gate. (If they're side-by-side.) I used to just turn sideways when encountering a small turnstile, but since re-injuring my knee last time at WDW I can't do this anymore.

Most CMs are very accommodating!

For rides, I remember sitting in the Kali raft seat alone - & I had no trouble.
While Disney is very accomodating in every way with our sizes, Universal on the other hand is not! DH and I were unable to enjoy many rides because we were literally squeezed into them. Disney CM's are well mannered and in tune if you need more space, while Univeral embarrased me and my husband. We had to leave a ride because the bar wouldn't close while everyone watched. Disney will always be the best park. So, ride those rides and don't give it a second thought. ;)
I agree, WDW is very plus sized friendly. My only complaint is the turnstile at the Haunted Mansion. I avoid many MK attraction turnstiles by entering at the wheelchair gate, usually located next to the turnstiles. At the HM, it is a seperate entrance. So far I have been too embarrassed to ask about using that entrance so I have avoided HM on my last two trips to WDW. Any helpful hints or tips on avoiding embarrassment at the HM? I will be traveling with skinny friends in May and I know they will want to ride HM together and I am just dreading the experience. But the turnstile is just too tight for me. I wish they would redesign it

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Did they change the set-up for wheelchair access at the same time? I thought I read that. Does anyone know? :eek:
I posted the question about HM over on the dis-ABILITIES board. I figured someone there would know if the turnstiles/alternative access had changed since they added Fast Pass. Unfortunately, this is the response:

"Wheelchair and alternative access at Haunted Mansion is at the exit. I believe you will need the assistance of a CM to bypass the walkway."
At HM, wheelchair and ecv users have to use the exit, so they are pulled out of line before getting to the turnstiles. I can't tell you if they still have the turnstiles there since they put fastpass in because we only went there with my DD who uses a wheelchair.
If you want to bypass the turnstiles, stay to the right side of the line; that's where wheelchairs come off. Don't feel bad about needing to bypass the turnstiles. Each time we ride it, we see at least one party who are with the wheelchairs for just that reason. The CMs are very nice about it (as nice as ghosts can be) and seem to understand that their ride isn't exactly "one size fits all." ø

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Bumping this up for those who need it. There are lots of us out there!!!

I was so nervous the first time I went to WDW, but they won my loyalty by thinking about all guests and not just small guests :)

WDW '99, '00, '01...
Safari Steve put a replly to the question about this that was posted on the disABILITIES Board (I think I gave him the wrong link). Anyway, I copied his answer here:
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>We still have the turnstiles. Ask a CM at the entrance for assistance. All you need to do if the line is long and your only concern is the stiles is this: Get a FP, and upon returning politely ask the CM at the entrance if you can use the "unload 2" entry because of your situation. Be sure to explain patiently as this is not a very common request.
Also, just to clarify, even though you end up going through the exit eventually, you must always enter at the entrance. We have people all the time who walk straight into the exit without even checking with the
greeter! Can you imagine?
Have fun! [/quote]

SueM in MN
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My DH is a bit large and I am getting there :(
Plus size 18 sometimes 20. Have to get back on that tred mill. :eek:

Any hoo! What rides at Universal should we avoid?
Someone said that Universal is not too 'Plus Size" friendly.


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Studios "Kongfrontation" was a really tight squeeze. I'm a size 28 and DH is about 50 lbs. heavier. We could barely breathe on the ride.
The other bad ride was a kids simulation of Hanna-Barbera, I think. Because the bar didn't click down we were asked to get off and sit down below and watch the movie without the simulator effect.
You'd never experience that problem at Disney!!!
Also, the E.T. show won't allow plus sizes on the bike simulators. We plan on totally skipping Universal this time. Why waste our time and money!
Just got back, and had many of the same concerns. I had absolutely no problems. My biggest concern was space mountain, while going through the Tomorrowland Transportation Ride, I thought that the cars looked really small. However, the bar stops where where your belly begins. It looked like very tall people with long legs were having a harder time on this ride. Everything else was fine. I rode Kali River with my 10 year old daughter, and the belt just made it. I wouldn't have done this with an other adult. I'm about a size 26-28, so go have a great time and relax. It's the most plus size friendly theme park I have ever been to.


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