AP Rates out through the begining of Oct


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Aug 17, 1999

I just called CRO and was quoted the following prices for standard view rooms including tax. These are all AP discount rates:

All Moderates $98.77
Cont $154.33
WL $159.89
POLY $198.67
GF $220.89
YC $187.56

She stated that there was plenty of avaiablity because the rates just came out. It took her a few minutes to find them.

We booked PO French Quarter for $888.93 for our 9n/10day trip from Sept 1st through the 10th.

Good Luck to all.
just off phone with CRO and these rates from what i was told by cm r good from august to october
was not able to get anything for june.....
Sorry you did not have any luck on getting an AP discount for June. I should have been clear that the AP rates are for Aug through Oct. Keep trying. We have gotten AP rates in June and July in the past.

August 9 - October 3 are the dates I was quoted.

Value Resorts are 54.83/night with tax.

I am not sure if it is good at Fort Wilderness or not. We always camp but this time I am taking my mom so we are opting for a hotel so I didn't ask. It can't hurt to call and check.


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