Anyone Staying Off-Site for the Convention

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May 21, 2000
We are getting the events only pacakge and will be staying off-site - most likely at AmeriSuites - Lake Buena Vista - any others?


At an Amerisuites in Arlington,TX. They are nice, clean and conveiniant with a kitchen and all appliances. We stayed there a couple of years ago when my son played in the Little League World Series Baseball games in Ft. Worth. I thought they were reasonably priced and comfortable.

For the DIS 2001, we'll be staying onsite. I hate driving so I'll rely on the Disney transportation except for 1 day when I go shopping at one of the Character Outlet stores.

Lisa, I usually stay off site but this time I decided since most of the events are scheduled I thought it best to be onsite to get around better. Besides I hate to drive in Orlando or anywhere!

Otherwise I would've stayed at my son's fave resort, Holiday Inn Family Suites. He's MAJORLY disappointed that we're staying at the Dolphin.... Go figure! <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


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