Anyone appalled at PV dolphin area

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    In July we went on the Mexican Riviera cruise. About a year and a half ago we went on Disney Western. At that time we did a dolphin encounter at Cozumel and the facilities were great for the people and I feel the dolphins. My DD wanted to do a dolphin swim so we booked it in PV. Boy was I disgusted with their facilities and am surprised Disney would use them!:confused:

    The only positive was that my DD actually got to swim with the dolphins and that they got you right in the water, no waiting.

    Now for the appalling part! It seemed that we were in a lagoon. The water was stagnant and stunk!!!! When she was done I could smell her two feet away:scared1: In cozumel we were right on the ocean and it was blue and moving.

    Also they had 8 dolphins in the enclosed area. In Cozumel there was 1. Seems a bit crowded. If they let them out later to swim around I didn't see a roped off area. It's possible that it wasn't visible but who knows.:confused3 In Cozumel you could see where they were let out and they also told you about it.

    The sea lion area was worse! They were in these little bitty pools, not even three lengths their body!

    I was disgusted by this treatment of the animals, and afraid for my DD to get in!

    Then when we were finished I got pictures. I did like that I could get them on disk. This didn't take very long. Then it was going to be 30 minutes before our bus got there to take us back. Now if you wanted to eat the buffet which was included you could. But those who went with us said it looked like it had been sitting out all day. It was 4:30pm:scared1:

    Then to top the day off our bus was supposed to be there at 5. We had pirate dinner at 5:45. It took 25 min. to get back. This would have been ok except our driver was 30 minutes late:headache: Needless to say I was steaming because I didn't want to miss pirate dinner. No explanation why he was late. Then to make matters worse he picked up a woman on the side of the street outside the dolphin center. He dropped her off right outside the gate to get onto pier:eek: :mad: I about stroked out! If I hadn't been sitting in the front row I would have had no idea. So we get back at 5:55. My DD HAD to shower because she STUNK!

    But it all ended up ok. We got ready in 5 minutes and didn't miss celebration during dinner. We had more stuff to wear that we didn't have time to put on though.

    Anyway I wrote this down on the final evalutation and hopefully Disney and others will file complaints with the company. I was sickened by the treatment of the animals:mad:

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