Anyon else notice that the only redemption awards left at etour are....

Discussion in 'Disney Rewards Programs' started by jdads2, May 4, 2001.

  1. jdads2

    jdads2 Squirrelly as all heck

    Jan 2, 2001
    a donation to the Red Cross and ask Dr. tech?

    I really hope that EVERYONE is wrong about etour folding...pipe dreams, I know. But if they are wrong, it should be easier to get a GC this saturday.

    .....let me guess, someone is going to answer this post with a press release from etour saying that they are shutting down @ 5:00 today...go ahead and ruin my dream.
  2. dmslush

    dmslush <font color="navy">If you don't let your dog poop

    Oct 18, 2000
    I think the reason that those are the only two left is because everything else sold out. There are usually some left this time during the week, but I guess some people went ahead and cashed out for those in case etour does shut down.

    As far as Dr. Tech and the Red Cross, I don't think people want to waste their points on Dr. Tech when it is basically just a coupon. And for the Red Cross, when I donate to a place like that, I want to right the check and send it myself just to make sure that it is really going to that organization. I have always wondered if these programs really sent the donation or not.

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