anybody else have cancelled flight on jan2 by delta?


Jul 30, 2001
please let me know if you had a cancelled flight due to weather in atlanta on jan 2. were you compensated by delta? i realize that they don't have to compensate when it is due to weather but this was because all of their connections are thru atlanta maybe they shouldn't rely so heavily on one city, i don't understand if they were able to fly us out the next day on american then why didn't they do that on jan 2? my husband and i both lost a days wages as well as having to pay for hotel. shouldn't they do something to help us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shop around for a low hotel rate, also ask airlines for suggested hotels where you can get an extra low "distressed traveler" rate.

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If they cancelled a flight on their airlines because of weather, it is a good bet that AA was also down because of the weather. If not, perhaps they were booked solid. I doubt you were the only people trying to get home, hence, the other airlines probably booked up fast as well as Delta trying to get people on their scheduled flights.
They don't have to compensate for weather, and their hub is Atlanta just like other airlines have major hubs, they don't rely on the city, it is their headquarters.
You took the words right out of my mouth Gail! LOL!

You need to determine if weather was actually a factor, as airlines often use that as an excuse so that they do not have to compensate you in any way (Rules 250 and 95 do not apply in weather related delays). You should get a copy of "Fly-Rights: A Consumer Guide to Air Travel" from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation - (202)366-1111. Then I would write a letter to Leo F. Mullin, Chairman and CEO of Delta, at their headquarters in Atlanta, outlining what happened, with copies of your tickets, hotel expenses, lost wages, etc. The worst that could happen is you get nothing, but it is worth a try.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't count on Mr. Mullin doing anything, as he was the head whiner of the airline industry when testifying before Congress, asking taxpayers to bail the airlines out (when they were in trouble way before 9/11).

Good luck!!!
As I flew PHL to MCO on 1/3, I was watching the weather closely. If you'll all recall, a tremendous ice storm hit the southern and midatlantic states and basically created havoc from MD to AL and anywhere in between.

My flight out of PHL was delayed waiting on crew from an inbound flight (The equipment was there, so I'm assuming it was crew related, as they showed up almost an hour after we were supposed to depart.) When we arrived in MCO, we looked and saw all flights on all carriers cancelled to several destinations, ATL being one of them.

The original poster complains that they couldn't get a flight that day--did you ever think that maybe the flights were full? Did you expect that someone who had bought a ticket on a certain flight should be bumped to accomodate you because of your misfortune? Between the holidays and the WDW Marathon, we found travel in and out of MCO to be extremely busy during the week after New Years.

Personally, I always hope that I'll get bumped or my flight will be cancelled as I'm departing MCO, another day in Florida always works for me :-) Hotels are cheap and I just call in and take an extra vacation day!



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