Any tips on how to get used to walking at WDW???

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by dsnygirl2006, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. dsnygirl2006

    dsnygirl2006 DIS Veteran

    Feb 18, 2006
    Hi everyone,
    I have never ever had a problem walking around WDW until last year and after Day 1 I thought I was going to have to crawl back to the room, I was crying, after bandaging my feet up everyday, it looked like I had casts on both my feet and it was a miserable trip....I sit all day at my job and am not used to walking, so I thought I might go and buy the tennis shoes I was planning on wearing and starting walking a couple miles a day on the treadmill....just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice on getting ready for the daily walking at WDW??
  2. klwdisney

    klwdisney DIS Veteran

    Feb 1, 2000
    I joined a gym. Hopefully I'll notice a difference in the pain level on this trip :cool1:
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  4. bopper

    bopper <font color=green>Which way to the Hundred Acre Wo

    Oct 22, 2004
    1) Have good shoes that support you
    2) Make sure these shoes do not rub anywhere
    3) Have good moisture-wicking socks
    4) Use Bodyglide to prevent blisters
    5) Do some walking around your neighborhood to build up endurance
  5. crarmy

    crarmy Mouseketeer

    Nov 13, 2006
    OMG, I am laughing and feeling your pain too. We were there in November for 8 days, and every night I wanted to cut my feet off they hurt so bad. I wanted to crawl back to the room every night!! Better yet I wanted to just spend the night at a bench somewhere. :) The worst was getting off the bus. OMG!! It is funny now, my family laughs now but it wasn't fuuny at the time. We would say "my dogs are barking" My little 5yrs old dd still loves to remind us about that everytime we talk about Disney.

    My DD(15) and I are going back in Sept. I am trying to loose a few pounds and have started walking two miles and/or going to the gym and doing the eliptical for 45 min or so. Trust me I am really motivated I do not want to feel that pain again. I need all the stamina I can get, especially to keep up with my 15 yr old.:)

    I have also bought me a new pair of Crocs and am planning on trying them for walking at the parks. (They are amazingly comfy for everyday walking) But I will for sure take a good pair of tennis just in case.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.
  6. TheDisneyGirl02

    TheDisneyGirl02 <font color=navy>I found my Disney Prince!<br><fon

    Jun 23, 2006
    Make sure you're shoes are well broken in...that will help prevent blisters. Also be sure you're socks (if you wear them) fit comfortably and aren't too bunchy.

    Have fun! :thumbsup2
  7. kimis

    kimis DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    Well I don't know your age or size but I am a 50 year old overweight female. We go to WDW every year and I have discovered some hints.
    1. My dh and I start walking 2-3 months ahead of our trip. We
    say things like "I am getting off of the bus at AK and I am walking
    to the gate" just to make the walking a little more fun. LOL
    2. I have HORRIBLE feet problems. I learned 2 years ago on an
    accident that Crocs saved my feet. I loved wearing them the whole
    trip and my feet not hurting.
    3. This last trip I discovered body glide which prevents blisters.
    4. This year I am exercising already for our Feb trip.
    I hope some of this helps. Let me know. enjoy
  8. Jen76b

    Jen76b Mouseketeer

    Apr 13, 2005
    I feel your pain. I work from home 10 hours a day and it seems like I never get out of the house except on the weekends. So I don't do alot of walking. My problem wasn't all the walking though, it was just my shoes.

    I thought I broke in my new tennis shoes. I even wore them to the zoo one day and I was fun. By the middle for day 2 at WDW my feet were killing me.

    This year I'm bringing my favorite sandals (Teva Mush) and my Crocs. I plan on wearing my sandals the most, but have my Crocs to switch out. I just can't wear tennis shoes to WDW anymore.
  9. Wish2BinWDW

    Wish2BinWDW Mouseketeer

    Jun 26, 2007
    I exercise everday during the week by doing a 2 mile walk. I wear Birkenstock sandals that are well broken in. I bought Crocs this year, but have yet to wear them to the parks (I'll get to in 3 weeks YEAH!!) I did just go to Gatlinburg and wore my Crocs, and walked a lot there, but ended up wearing my Birkenstocks along with my Crocs to help with the tiredness of my feet. I never got any blisters and that was over 3 days of walking a lot. You really need a good shoe that has arch support. You might want to invest in moleskin just in case you get a hot spot or blister. :)
  10. checkwriter

    checkwriter DIS Veteran

    Oct 9, 2002
    Do what kimmis and bopper suggest and you will be SO thankful.
  11. tci1212

    tci1212 DIS Veteran

    Oct 15, 1999
    Definatley start taking walks now. Even 30 minutes a day will have you in shape to keep up with the Disney pace. We will be there in Sept and I started taking 2 to 3 mile walks. I know I should do this anyway but going on vacation seems to motivate me to get up and go. :banana:
  12. ZoZo

    ZoZo DIS Veteran

    Jun 16, 2005
    I've been there too! My best advice is:

    1) In addition to some of the other shoes you're trying, bring your oldest, crummiest pair of sneakers. I brought my workout shoes on my last trip and thought they were well broken-in. Got a terrible blister on the bottom of my little toe. Wish I had thought to bring my old, crummy, reliable sneakers (which have never given me any trouble at WDW!). They're not pretty, but they work great!

    2) Start going into "training" for your trip by walking as much as you can, as many days as you can. I found that helped me a lot on my last trip. (I found the treadmill was best, since it got me used to so much walking. I'm not sure if the elliptical machines would be the same - they get you into great shape, but it's not the same as walking.) I have major foot problems (surgery on both my feet 20+ years ago) and "training" ahead of time really helped me. [The previous trip, I was really limping at the end of each day.]

    3) Pay attention to "hot spots" and use bodyglide and moleskin. I didn't realize I was getting my blister until it was too late.
  13. kisobel

    kisobel Mouseketeer

    Nov 14, 2006
    are you going with someone else? exchange foot rubs at the end of the day. also roll you feet on frozen ice water bottles. and dont forget the motrin.

    also walk as much as you can before the trip

  14. LauraAnn630

    LauraAnn630 See you in April 2011!

    Dec 27, 2004
    Walk, walk and walk!

    We started walking for our September trip.
    We have season passes to the Cleveland Zoo and Geauga Lake.

    Im hurting today from walking the zoo yesterday!

    I guess drinking a lot of water helps your mucles too!

    Get a few extra pillows and put your feet up at night.
  15. grumpy.uncle

    grumpy.uncle Ed

    Jan 30, 2006
    Everyone has given you great suggestions. I always take my most comfortable walking shoes with me. They are the shoes that I normally wear on a daily basis. I also bring a comfy pair of thongs or slip ons to change into when I'm back in my room. We always split up our days and head back to our room for a swim or nap in the early afternoon. It's important to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and when applying sunscreen, be sure to do your legs and the tops of your feet. The aerosol spray sunscreens are so easy to apply. They make it a breeze to prep for your day in the Florida sun. I am 50 years old, diabetic, and overweight and have never had a problem with my feet while at WDW. Take time during your days at the parks to find a shady spot and sit down and get your feet elevated every so often to give the doggies a little rest. I love all the inside, air-conditioned theaters at WDW. Gives me a chance to rest my feet and get in a quick nap at the same time.
  16. northriver

    northriver DIS Veteran

    Nov 22, 2006
    We started walking about 5 months before our trip. I walk about 1.5 miles several time a week and do at least one 3 mile walk each week. I can't get out that often in the winter since I have a little one in a stroller and she just can't take the cold sitting there. I don't have a treadmill so I don't know it that would help.

    I bought shoes 3-4 months out, and walked in them whenever possible. I do have crocs but didn't wear them to the parks either, I like my Keens the best. I also wear birkenstocks.

    I've found the key to happy feet is a combination of walking ahead of time for endurance and breaking in the shoes. Also, I keep a "blister kid" in my bag at all times, bandaids, regular and those special blister ones, and precut mole skin. I apply something if I start to feel something rubbing or feel a hot spot. Usually I can prevent an actual blister. Also, if I treat an are, I change shoes at the earlist possible moment. I take at least 3 pairs of well broken in shoes and if I am having any foot or leg issues I will switch shoes every day mid day.

    Last trip I had no problems with my feet using these techinques - 6 days in the parks with a "rest day" in the middle we did DTD and walked a LONG way. Trip before last I was miserable after 4 days in the parks, by the way, so I knew I had to prepare for a longer trip, and I was so glad I did.
  17. hidmickey:myantidrug

    hidmickey:myantidrug DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2006
    This is the best advice of all! You can train for months in advance and if you have those wretched socks...:sad2:
  18. CruisinEars

    CruisinEars Engaged at WDW 8/23/95!

    Jun 16, 2007
    Thanks for all the wonderful tips. I too have terrible feet and am overweight so we have started walking. I read on another thread that a man used a pedometer for the week and walked almost 40 miles! That little tidbit really motivated me to get started getting in shape. I also have 2 kids that tend to get blisters so I love the prevention tips.
  19. WDW Poly Princess

    WDW Poly Princess <font color=darkcoral>Needs a Disney Fix<br><font

    Jul 17, 2000
    I get used to the extra walking and break in my shoes at the same time. (Even with Crocs- break them in!!!)

    This is what I did last year, which worked really well:

    At least a month before your trip, put on the shoes you're planning to wear, and walk about 2 miles. (If that's too much for you, do 1.) In my case, my brand new Crocs felt great... for the first mile. At about a mile and a quarter, they started rubbing my feet. By the end of 2 miles, I had a blister. OUCH!

    Starting a month in advance gives you time to let your feet rest/heal in between shoe breaking in sessions.

    Walk a mile in your shoes twice a week for the first two weeks. This gave the blisters I got from my first couple of walks plenty of time to heal up before my trip. The last thing you want to do is go to WDW *already* having blisters!

    If after 5-10 miles of walking, your new shoes still aren't comfy, it may be time to consider different shoes.

    Gradually build up your walking. By the last week before your trip, I'd suggest walking at least a mile or two per day. Not much compared to 5-15 miles a day you'll do at WDW, but just getting used to a little extra walking helped me a LOT this time!

    I think the biggest thing that I learned was that pretty much ANY shoes are comfortable... for the first mile. It seems to be after that mile mark that you start to feel places that they rub/pinch/just don't fit right.

    If you have more than one pair of shoes to break in, be sure to start early enough to allow you to alternate the shoes!

    Hope that helps :)
  20. WDW Poly Princess

    WDW Poly Princess <font color=darkcoral>Needs a Disney Fix<br><font

    Jul 17, 2000
    Oops- forgot to add:

    I read somewhere on the DIS that spraying your feet with deodorant will keep them from sweating, which tends to cause blisters. I tried this last time, but the deodorant I used made my feet sticky, which I didn't like at all. I may try again with a different brand this time.
  21. worm761

    worm761 <img src=

    Feb 4, 2001
    my trip isn't for almost a year :sad1: but i am trying to loose weight too so we have started walking. i work actively on my feet for at least 10 hours a day then come home and walk. my feet were killing me the first few days.
    i went out and bought the dr scholl's gel inserts and have had no pain since. i am actually thinking i might go get some more for my work shoes. they helped that much. it felt a little weird at first but once i got used to them it was really nice. i did not go out and buy new shoes though. i put the inserts in my nice-worn-in- had them forever shoes.

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