Another SoG question!


Jan 9, 2001
Okay, so we've made our ressies for SoG.

The question is:
Should we upgrade our ressies to the "Gold Leaf Package"?

The package includes room, breakfast and dinner each day, length of stay passes, and includes all tips, etc.

Is this package worth it?

I like the idea that two meals a day are already planned out for you, but eating in the same restraunt each day may get old quick. We could always eat in the park for lunches.

Any military members out there that have used this package?
just my opinion, but I thought we were much happier choosing where we ate each day. The reteraunt was not bad, but it wasn't great, and I would not have ate there more than one or two times. I also think the length of stay passes are a rip off. Why not take advatage of the great discount on tickets at the made in the shade shop, and the days on the tickets will never expire, so you could use them on a future trip, if there are any left.


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