An averted tragedy (MKC reservation converted to Disney Club reservation )


Earning My Ears
Jun 30, 2000
Attention if you cancelled a MKC reservation and replaced it with a Disney Club reservation.

I almost lost my WDW reservation for Feb! I called the Disney Club vacation reservation line today(formerly the MKC Gold Club number), to confirm some room preferences and such and discovered that the total of my room charges were due today (21 days prior to check-in), or my reservation would be canceled.

Here's the whole story, back in August, I made reservations under my MKC gold club card number (without a discount). Paid the required one nights stay, with the understanding the balance was due at checkout.

Then, as many of you are aware, the MKC was scrapped for the Disney Club. I received all of my new material, and was unaffected by the change.

A few weeks later, I called CRO to add some room preference notes, and discovered that there had been some confusion over my room selection and ,long story short, I ended up getting a WL courtyard with a Disney Club discount (as well as a whole new reservation number). They refunded my original deposit (actually still waiting) and I submitted a new deposit for the new reservation.

Here's the problem. I called today, again just to clarify some details and I was told that if I didn't submit the balance today (21 days prior to check-in), I would lose my reservation (along with my Disney Club discount). Needless to say, I took care of that right away.

Bottomline, apparently the policy for Disney Club reservations is different. I suspect that this only impacted me because I canceled a MKC reservation and replaced it with a Disney Club reservation. But it occured to me, I might not be the only one.
Actually, the new Disney Club discounts require at least a Basic Plan package (room-only, no passes) and all packages must be paid in advance of your arrival. Disney Club members have to pay 21 days in advance and other packages are due 45 days in advance. So you aren't the only one!

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Tammy aka Kaa
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I also replaced my MKC res with a DC one, the CM I had was very nice. She explained all policies with me, and even switched my deposit over for me. I guess I was lucky.

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