Amber's Birthday Trip Day 3

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    Jul 6, 2001

    Me: Mom (40)
    DD: Amber (Turning 17 TODAY)

    Saturday, September 14

    Early morning this morning, we have 8:10 p/s at Donald's Breakfast at AK....Today is Amber's 17th Birthday, I make sure she is wearing her birthday pin... she thinks it's a bit corny, but hey, you only have a birthday once a year, and who knows this may be the only chance she will have to celebrate it at WDW...

    When we get to the AK there are already about 15-20 people there waiting in the breakfast area.... at about 8:00 they open the gate and we walk over to registar.... a couple of minutes later they start calling the names... Ours is the first one. We walk to Donalds in the front of the pack with Billy who will be our server. Once inside we are seated at the first 2 person table right next to the buffet. We are the first ones to serve ourselves, and the food looks great.... we both really enjoyed our food and the atmosphere of this place... Donald came by our table while we were serving ourselves, but it didn't really matter, Amber thought the characters were for little kids... abit cynical in thinking that they were only people in sweaty old costumes... well we sat down, and Mickey appeared.... he noticed her button and started waving his arms like he was conducting music... I told Amber he was singing happy birthday to her. She got a kick out of that... well anyway Mickey pointed out to everyone else that it was Amber's Birthday.... and Billy came by and and took Amber to the center of the resturant and a gathered the characters around and had every one sing happy birthday to Amber... he also gave her a card signed by Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto... he also signed it himself... Amber quickly changed her mind about the characters, and now thinks they are a petty neat part of WDW... I don't think she will ever stand in line to see one, but now she appreciates them... They were all full of hugs and kisses... I even got a picture of Pluto licking her face.... This birthday was off to a great start!

    I don't think I will ever plan a day at AK without breakfast at Donald's.. . it was so neat to walk around before the park opened... we stayed in Dino Land, and we were the first ones on the Primevil Whirl.... I really liked this ride, we could have stayed on and done it again, but Amber didn't want to... one of the CM's there notice the pin and sang to her... he also told her how lucky she was to spend her birthday at WDW with her SISTER!!!! He made my

    We went over to Dinosaur and walked right on... As we got in the jeep (we were the only ones in it) Amber said "Mom, I really hate dinosaurs"... and she proceeded to scream through the entire ride.... I was laughing so hard at her that I had tears running down my face.... she was really SCARED!... when we got off she said " lets do it again, I need to face my fears, and besides, I never saw any thing, I had my eyes closed the whole time" so we went back on... this time we shared a jeep with a family with a little girl... that poor girl was terrified... Amber was a brave soul, and only let out a few little squeels...

    Now it was off to the first showing of the Festival of the Lion King... I had seen this show last year and I was sure Amber would love it... She was about 9 or 10 when the Lion King came out, and use to sing the songs all the time... so I knew it would be something she would enjoy... and enjoy she did... singing along, and clapping, and just really into it...

    When the show was over we went to Africa... Just as we crossed the bridge the Kobake drummers were getting started... she was picked to do a little dancing with them, and she thoroughly enjoyed it... she talked about them the rest of the day... and now she wants a drum like theirs, they had one in the shop there but it was $200 and I thought it was a bit much... I now know that it wasn't too far off what these drums normally sell for.

    Amber then proclaimed AK her favorite park..

    I wanted to go on the Kali River ride, but Amber didn't want to get wet, so we went to It's tough to be a Bug... after the show we sat on a bench and decided we had done all we really wanted to this morning. Amber wanted to go to Future World at Epcot, so we got the car and went there.

    Just as we parked in Epcot, Amber realized she didn't have her bag, it had her Key to the World and $20 in it... I said don't worry we'll go get it.... She wasn't as sure as I was... but I told her we were in Disney World, and some one was sure to find it and turn it in. So back over to AK... and over to Guest Relations.... we had to wait about 10 mins. Amber kept asking me what we would do if we couldn't find it... I tried to reassure her that that wouldn't be a problem... at the window we told the CM that we had lost a bag and what it looked like.... he said just a minute and went in the back.... Amber was in shock when he came back out with her bag.... but I knew it would be there! ... Key to the World....$20. all there.. Amber told me there really was Magic in WDW...

    Back to Epcot and Future World... again we started Epcot with a ride on Spaceship Earth.. I Closed my eyes and rested the whole time.. and came off refreshed and ready to go. Amber got a couple of Happy Birthday's from the CM's here.

    We go into Ice Station Cool. It feels really good in here... I had never tasted the Beverly, but I had heard it was really bad, so being the mean mother that I am, I get Amber to taste the Beverly... The look on her face was priceless. Since she was still standing, I thought I could give it a try... This stuff is terrible.. really terrible.

    Then on to JIYI... neither of us had done this before... and when we finished, Amber commented that Disney only gives us stinky smells... why couldn't they give us a good smell once in a while. We sent a few emails from here, and then went to the Land... I've been to Epcot 3 times, and never knew this was here.... The standby line said a 10 min wait, but it was more like 25 mins. oh well.... we both enjoyed the ride.

    It was now about 3:00, We have 5:00 reservation for Hoop-Dee-Doo... so we headed back to the Lodge... "Welcome Home"!!

    We both have a nice rest, and take our time getting ready, we head to the dock to catch the boat about 4:15. It doesn't take us long to get there, and we ended up waiting for what seemed a long time..... we did get our picture taken... and ended up buying it ..... we were seated off to the right of the stage right by the piano. The food was really good, and the service was great. Jim was our server, and when he realized I was freezing he got an extra table cloth to wrap around my shoulders, that earned him an extra tip from me. I had pretty high expectations for this show and enjoyed it, but probably wouldn't do it again. Amber said she like it, but it really cut into our park time. and did I mention I was freezing the whole time??? Made the 2 hours seem like forever.

    After dinner we caught the boat to MK... this would be the only night we were there that they would have the fire works. When we got to the MK we headed left.... first stop was POC... then on to the BTMRR... we skipped Splash Mt. because Amber didn't want to get wet.... bummer. Then headed to Tomorrow Land, and road the TTA, I always like this, but Amber wasn't empressed. Then we went to Space Mt. I couldn't believe it when I saw what seemed to be a very old lady in a wheel chair being helped into one of the coaster cars. But when we had our turn I saw her again, and she seemed to still be alive. It was getting close to Fireworks time so we made our way to Main Street. It was raining now... not hard, just a real steady drizzle... and of course we didn't have our ponchos with us. We had a good spot in the middle of Main Street and just waited. The fireworks were Magical, and absolutly beautiful... during the finale I whispered in Ambers ear that these fireworks for especially for her tonight, a fitting end to a Magical Birthday.

    We were going to go over and check out the Boardwalk, but we waited close to an hour to catch the boat back to WL that by the time we got there we both decided that bed would be a better choice....

    Tomorrow our last day, and then fly home... or so we thought!
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    I'm glad Donald made your dd smile. Its hard to make a teenager smile some days. ;) (I have one, I know :) )
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    It sounds like you too had a good time. Teenagers are hard to figure out aren't they. I went with my daughter last year and I have the best picture of her dancing with Chip and Dale, she started out by thinking the characters were not cool but once she loosened up she really had a good time with them.
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    :D Okay, you have convinced me to try Donald's! It really does sound like a great way to start off a day at AK. I am so glad that your dd had a great birthday. Off to read day 4 now.

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