all-suite hotels besides HIFS?


Earning My Ears
Apr 29, 2001
We're planning our first trip to WDW next March, and I've been researching the boards to pick the right hotel. I'm still searching for the right place. HIFS sounds nice but the rates are a bit steep. I checked with the hotel and rates next year are at $179. I know that I want a suite as I will be traveling with a 3yo and a 5yo. I want a suite that has a bedroom door that closes. We're going to rent a car so I don't care if we're all that close to Disney. I like what I see at the Enclave website but I've heard a couple bad reviews on this site. I also checked into Vistana Village, but I don't want to sit through a time-share presentation or be pressured to do so. I also thought about Tropical Palms, but I like the idea of more stuff onsite, restaurants, several pools, etc. Can anyone recommend a good clean suite that is less than $150 a night? Thanks so much.
If you havent read my DoubleTree review, you might want to check it out. I loved this hotel, and I only paid
119/per night for a 2 bedroom villa. :p
You might want to check out Hawthorne Suites LBV. It's a fairly new hotel, seperate bedroom, full fridge and microwave. The hotel offers a full breakfast buffet daily as well as a 2 hour manager reception each night. It does have have a free shuttle to the parks, but, probably on a limited schedule. It's a short drive to Downtown Disney, it looks very nice.

If you check out the website you can obtain discounted rates on several suite properties in the area. Including, Hawthone, HIFS and Vistana.

Good Luck!
I would agree, and add Country Inn and suites in Lake Buena Vista......We got it for 69.00, jut make sure you request a suite....LBV is a great area very close to disney and lots of resaurants...Ted
How did you get Country Inn & Suites for 69.00? We were quoted 89.00. She told us the suites don't qualify for an entertainment discount. Any advice???:rolleyes:
Buena Vista Suites and Caribe Royale could also be worth looking at. I also rate the Hawthorn Suites, while the Summerfield Suites (two locations) are another good choice. From what little I've seen of the Country Inn & Suites (and I'm going there next month!), they look a real find, too.
Have you checked around to find a better rate for HIFS? When we went in September 2000, we booked through and got a fantastic rate -- way below the rate direct from the hotel. With the ages of your kids, I highly recommend HIFS -- the zero depth entry pool is perfect for children! Although there is not 'door' on the kids room, the curtain is very heavy and, IMHO, pefectly adequate. Plus, the free breakfast buffet will save you $20.00 a day so figure that into your room rate. I know your post asked for hotels other than HIFS, but I just had to put my two cents in because it really is a great hotel for kids.
You normally don't have to do the timeshare tour if you stay in Vistana (unless you book some extra special package/passes). Many of the offsite hotels including HIFS have special rates if you book through one of the discount services (including the one sponsored by this site). READ THE TERMS CAREFULLY, cancellation policies and fees vary. I recently stayed in Caribe-Royale with a 115 rate througth
Don't rule out a vacation home - you get a real house with your own screened in pool, perfect when travelling with little ones!

We rented a home earlier this year and DH and I agree, this is the way to go!

Check out for more info.

BTW - there is a discount code here on the DIS (I believe it's still WT1) - homes start at $95.00 a night!
Haven't stayed at any in Orlando yet but have reservations for two days at Amersuites Universal--have stayed at them in several other cities and always been very pleased--especially if you're like us where you need a suite (family of 6) and just want a clean, comfortable place to sleep and shower.

Anyone have any info on the Amerisuites Universal?
Hi, regarding Country Inn and suites....I went to and it popped on the Orlando search....I called The hotel after it was booked and told them that I wanted to make sure I had a suite since that what was pictured in the advertisement at quikbook...I was very nice and the young kid said, OK you have a suite for 59.00....I just looked and there are other suites on the site but not Country Inn...keep checking, it comes and goes fron the list.... enjoy....grandpa Ted from Iowa
We satyed at The Homewood Suites on International Drive,they have a door to the bedroom,we had a suite with two double beds and there was a bed setee in the lounge area although there was an option of a king suite. There was a breakfast buffet,and Monday to Thursday there was an evening buffet and drinks(only snacks) There is only one pool with a hot tub. We found it to be very friendly and clean,it is quite new.We used the free shuttle service to the Disney parks.

We're going next week, and looked at the same suite hotels - HIFS TP V V- and booked at all of them. I notice you like onsite things. We finally chose TP for just that reason - so I though I'd offer my 2cents even though I don't have any other suite suggestions.

Old Town is a 5 minute walk from TP- lots of stuff there to do. We almost picked V V until we checked out the OT web site and thought how nice it would be to be able to just walk over there and have access to all those shops and restaurants - and rides for the kids (4 and 7). No extra pools though - which kind of bothered me - but then again, I want a COOL pool, and neither V V or HIFS really has that in my opinion - need a slide. We are staying for 2 nights at Port Orleans on Disney at the end of our stay to deal with my pool craving.
I would really like to hear how your vacation goes at Tropical Palms. I have booked a 2BR suite at Holiday Inn Maingate East for $104/night but will continue to search for the perfect place and price. Thanks so much for all the replies!
I had a wonderful experience a Comfort Suites Maingate East on our trip last December. It is an all suite hote that just opened last year located 5 minutes from Disney on Rt 192 behind Old Town. Although I can't remember if the suite had a seperate door to the bedroom. (I don't think it did) They had a great complimentary continental breakfast that included hot & cold items, a very large heated pool and great shuttle service.
We have stayed twice at HIFS and once at Hawthorne Suites (by Sea World) while attending a convention. Our King Suite at HS had a door, and the kids were small enough to sleep on the hidabed sofa, however, I believe I noticed that one of my co-workers had bi-fold doors to her bedroom. The pool was nicely landscaped, but had no extras. I liked that the kitchenette had an oven/stove and was stocked with real dishes. My kids were 3 and 6 at the time, they were so tired after a day at WDW they weren't interested in any on-site activities. (besides swimming) In fact, we've never done any at HIFS either:o guess we just wear them out!


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