All (if not most) of your MYHTOS questions answered here...


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Jan 31, 2001
...Hi all! I stumbled accross this messgae forum actually lookifn for Disney news, but I was intrigued to find a Universal discussion board, and amazed my favorite subject has even been discussed: Mythos restaraunt at IOA!

Why am I so interested in Mythos? Well, my name says it all: I'm a full-time second cook at this little treasure. :D I've been really fascinated to hear all fo your comments about my establishment (we don't get feedback from guests all that often, thus we don't have an acurate representation of the job we're doing).

It's a shame not many people know about us; job secuirty's a good thing! hehe. anyhoo, I love this restaraunt. Though I have a somewhat biased opinion of the place, I was, and still am, impressed by the quality of the food.

Anyways, after reading all of the posts, I want to inform, clarify and set the record straight:

1) Do not pay attention to menu descriptions online right now. If you notice, they are from June 1999, almost two years ago. Chef Pam is no longer the restaraunt chef; she's been gone since November 99. The new chef is Mark Wachowiak, who has brought hisa own techniques and flair to Mythos. The menu chnages every season, and the menu we have now is completely different (With the exception of a couple items). In fact, we are implementing a new menu for Friday. :)

2) Yes, there is plenty for the kids. We have a kid' menu with your choice of a burger, grilled chix breast, or cheese pizza. In addition, the bigger kids can order 1/2 lb burgers, grilled chicken clubs and the Pizza of the Day. We also have a wrap of the day which most tatses would enjoy.

3) Our hours right now are limited because of low attendance. Come Mardi Gras and Spring Break time, we'll be open later. Until then, M-F and Sun, we're open 11:30-3. Saturdays we're open until 5. You can make a reservation right on up till closing time, and we'll keep the doors open 15 mintues beyond that time.

Sheesh, I have so much to say, but I don't really know where to begin beyond what I have said. Why don't I leave the ball in your court: if you have anyquestions or comments (about Mythos or Universal Food Service), ask them in post or send me an email. I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

One more thing, did you know Steven Jayson, Universal's Executive Chef, was recently named ACF chef of the year (2000)? Beet that Emeril (we have a friendly little rivalry goign on, Emeril's and Mythos).

You all take care!
Hi and welcome to the Universal boards! :D
I have no question's at the moment but I just wanted to say how wonderful and delicious that Warm Chocolate Banana Gooey Cake is!!! You mentioned a changing menu. Please make sure this one stays it's a keeper.

What incredible information, SecondCook.


<font color=blue><font size=6>WELCOME!!</font color=blue></font size=6>

and hang around awhile!

Funny to hear about the competition between you guys and Emerils! I love that guy's show but I really don't have the stomach for his food. You've tickled my curiosity to try Mythos now, maybe I'll pull myself from Confisco's long enough to rub elbows with you guys!

Nice meeting you!


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JessicaR- Thanks! Yup, the gooey cake is one of our better menu items, by far my favorite of the deserts. Susan (our pastry cook) has been perfecting the recipe over time and has reached the final destination. Trust me, it's permanent, not going anywhere!

Robinrs-thank you very much for your warm greetings! Yeah, it's pretty funny about the rivalry. The aforementioned Susan was a pastry cook at emeril's, and we had another 1st cook come from over there, too. I find it funny people are defecting from there to us! After seeing his menu, hearing stories about the kitchen and even meeting Emeril a coupel times, I've coem to this conclusion: He's all show. Don't get me wrong, I think what he's doing for our profession is great, but I wouldn't put his skills up against alot of chefs out there.

Hehe, once you go Mythos, you'll never go back. I worked at Confisco for a month durring my culinary internship, and I can tell you this: our food is much much better, and more creative than Confisco's!

I hope to provide as much info as i can. When the new menu comes out, I'll see if i can't post it on here for everyone to see.
I LOVE the pizza there. For those who don't know, they have a different pizza of the day, every day.

The pizzas are some of the best I've ever eaten!

I've know Laurie, a server there, since pre-opening.

I wish more people spent time to eat at Mythos, it really is unknown to a lot of people, but so worth it!
This restaurant sounds like a "place I wanna be", but closing at {5 pm ????} What's up with that?
Sounds way too early to me.
Hi TheSecondCook!! Welcome to our board!! And thank you for all of the information you have shared with us!

I've visited IOA twice (last March and December) and for one reason or another I have not eaten at Mythos! Sounds like a missed a winner!I'll sure try and remedy that during our next visit (early March)! :)
Sounds like a great place for us to meet and eat when we all go, don't you think? :)

But is this the one that has the bad chairs???
Although, I think I can afford to be uncomfortable long enough to try the incredible desert! ;)

I am a HUGE fan of Mythos and have been plugging it relentlessly. I ate there six times on my last trip to Orlando and would have written up every meal for this board except that I knew the menu was changing shortly after I left.

Don't forget the dining pass that lets people eat at Mythos without buying admission to the park. Also lets AP holders like me bring in an orlando local guest (which I did). I posted complete details elsewhere on the board.

As to the seats: I don't find the chairs uncomfortable, just a bit heavy to move around. Some people may find the booths uncomfortable if their proportions are just right.

SecondCook, tell Mitch I said "Hi!"

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Hi TheSecondCook, thanks for posting. Can I ask about vegetarian food at Mythos. My girlfriend is a (fussy) vegetarian, so we tend to avoid the major restaurants when visiting the parks as she worries about finding something she'll like. I'm not sure what the Mythos menu is, but if you can highlights ome of the vegetarian options that appear then maybe I'll be able to persuade her to try Mythos when we visit in August. It certainly looks amazing from the outside, and Id love to try it.


I have to say that one of the reasons I never ate there before was because I also thought it was greek cuisine. Not that I don't like greek but my daughter has a lot of food allergies so I stay away from very ethnic restaurants. But this site has enlightened me and now after your post we will definitely be trying it. Anyway from a cooks perspective what is the best way to approach a restaurant about food allergies? When I go to disney they have a central number that I call and I fax all my reservations before hand. Most chefs call me before I even leave and my host hotel will bake special bread etc for my daughter. Now I know that this isn't always practical so what do I do to ensure that my daughter is safe. Last year I was able to contact someone from USF that checked a lot of the fast food for me. And that helped. The only one (sorry second cook) that seemed to really take me seriously last year was Emerils. They took her allergies down when I called with reservations and had actually talked about them with the cooks before we came in. Specifically her allergies are PEANUT, soy, sesame, coconut, strawberries, all tree nuts. I find soy and soy flour to be in a lot of breading (chicken fingers etc.) How do I approach a restaurant without seeming like a pain. It can be a life and death situation when it comes to the peanut allergy. I do carry an epipen and have never had to use it and would like it to stay that way. Traveling is very hard as far as food is concerned. PS She is a diabetic as well so sometimes we have to eat quickly so I like to be prepared. Maybe you could at least help me out with the Mythos menu? thanks.
Wilderness Lodge & Vero Beach Feb 99
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PS I should also say that Trattoria at the Portofino was also very food allergy aware and was very helpful to us especially since we had breakfast there every morning.

Thanks again.
Dining pass?

Tell us about that, kelly or Second Cook. How do they control people from using it to sneak into the park?


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Thanks for the great information!!! I had allready made reservations for Feb. 17, now I'm sure I won't be disappointed. The only thing that wasn't clear to me were the hours. I wanted to make reservations for 8:30pm, but they told me that you're closing at 6pm. But then told me to call after 2/2 because you will be closing later. I really didn't get this, but I would like a later reservation. I don't know what time the park closes so I guess that was the issue. I will attempt to call and change times after 2/2. Looking forward to my meal!! Thanks again.
Patti J
Donna, (molokai) I think that is a terrific idea!We could all eat here then head over to the parade at Universal. I would love to experience the food here, since last time I only had dessert. Can't wait to hear the new menu :D is the link from Kelly's thread. Great tip Kelly! :D

Mytho's Dining Tip

As for getting into the park to eat at Mythos, I think it is handled like a shopper's pass used to. You get your credit card imprinted at Guest Services. Then you must come back within two hours or your card will be charged for a one-day ticket. Translation: do not attempt to eat at Mythos and ride Spiderman. Invariably, you will get stuck in a line, go over 2 hours, and get your credit card charged.

If you make it back within two hours, you will get your imprint back so you can rip it up, eat it, keep it as a souvenir, etc. :)


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Hi, TheSecondCook, and welcome! Can you give us some examples of the items that will be on the new menu? Do you have any favorites and/or recommendations? Also, do you think Mythos will be open late during the summer?

Thank you!
Yeah Donna, JessicaR and everyone else coming to the March meet! What a great idea! Let's have our "birthday celebration" and a general meet there Saturday late afternoon/evening before the parade and concert? What time would be best? Around 4-ish? Or later?

(I really need to justify this weekend trip - to myself! My birthday is in June, but hey - I can celebrate a little early, can't I? :eek: )
For Rob from UK:

I'm a vegetarian(no meat broths, fish, either) and when I ate at Mythos I thought the pure vegetarian offerings were slim, BUT I simply asked them to omit the shrimp from the shrimp and vegetable penne in Alfredo sauce and it was delicious!!! You shouldn't have any trouble getting something wonderful for her. (If only my husbands fish had been as good).

Welcome SecondCook!!!

I was too full to sample the wonderful desserts! Maybe next time. I'd like to comment on the salads. They were beautiful and very fresh but why do they drown the poor things in dressing? I'm glad you enjoy your job! Do you get an employee discount?(lol)
Thanks for the info on the dining pass. I just knew they'd have a way to make sure no one pulled a fast one!


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...would you all prefer lunch? (at Mythos on Saturday, March 10th).

OR...lunch on Sunday March 11th? We are departing that evening (9PM).

Linda :D


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