Alamo insiders


May 29, 2000
Tell me how alamo insiders works? Do you go to a kiosk? Use your phone? Can you pick any vehicle or is one chosen for you?
We love Alamo and have found it to give us the best deals through Costco. We love that you get to pick your vehicle from the aisle you booked.
At some Alamo locations, like in Orlando, if you complete your online check-in and your a member, you go right to the car line and pick your car, drive to the exit to get your contract after handing them the credit card and license. At some locations, like in San Diego, even if I compete the check-in online and I am a member, I still have to use a kiosk or the counter as there there's no going right to the car. There's a list on Alamo's website as to which locations you can bypass the counter/Kiosk.

I like both Alamo and National as a member of both, in Orlando, I can go right to the car I pick from the line I booked.


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