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    What is offered to you if you book concierge at AKL? I know few drinks, cookies. They help you with ADR. What else? Anything special with the animals early AM safari? And if you book there using points can you ask at check in if there is an opening same room size for concierge and can you pay a cash upgrade? If so, how much a nite might be charged. Thanks D
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    You can not upgrade a points room with cash.

    There is a special safari available only to concierge guests (at an additional costs) and you get daily full housekeeping services, you might get nightly turn down service (where they turn down your bed covers and leave mints) as well, I'm not sure.
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    We stayed concierge on points in Sept 08. We did get nightly turn down service. We also paid to do the sunrise safari, which is at AK and includes breakfast.

    They have a lounge area that gives you breakfast (cereal, fruit, yogurt, danishes), afternoon snack (cookies and drinks), evening appetizers, desserts, cordials (apps & desserts are from Boma and Jiko; cordials were several options of alcoholic beverages).

    They had drinks available all day. There was a small refrigerator in there. If they were out of something, you could ask and the CMs were very helpful. My dh asked for coke in the morning and they were given to him. I also asked for zebra domes one night and they brought me some.

    There is also a sunset safari that is right there at the lodge. Very limited in the amount of people they book and I think no one under 8 or 9 are allowed. It includes dinner at Jiko's.

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