Ahhhhhh! Please Help


DVC Hopeful
Jul 14, 2000
Ok, heres ther problem. There is no sound working on my computer. I made sure the speakers were plugged in an made sure the sound was turned up internally(like in winamp, realplayer, and overall system sound). I think it might have happened because i went on this website the other night and clicked stop to the music that was playing. I tried clicking start but no luck. Please help me out. Thanks again.:confused:


Staff member
Dec 15, 1998
<font color=navy>Try double clicking on your volume control located on your taskbar and make sure that nothing has 'mute' checked. You might also try completely shutting down your computer, and restarting again. Sometimes, that works for me.

Hopefully one of the more savvy techie-types will be able to help you out. :)