Adults only - one Pooh size repost


May 18, 2000
Here are my trip reports all on one thread -

Who we are: BetsyAnn, age 39, large sized Gal from Colorado
the Mom -Elaine, age 60 something, from DC

We arrived on the 15th, BetsyAnn's airplane on time, the Mom plane about 30 minutes late. Darcy from Tiffany Town cars waiting for us at Baggage Claim. Very nice, polite and helpful. We made a stop at a grocery store and then on to Port Orleans. Stayed in room 7230. Lovely, clean and quiet. Unpacked then took boat to DD. Ate at Capt Jacks. Sat at the Bar, drank wonderful marg., spilt a salad and large boiled shrimp. Would definitely eat there again. Shopped for a while. Make sure to stop and look at all the Lego stuff. Headed back to room since had a big day planned for Saturday. And to watch part of the Olympics. Bought refillable mugs.

Day 2 (Saturday) Wake up, eat breakfast in the room from the stuff we brought from home and some great rolls from store. Took bus over to AK. Arrived just a little before opening (8 am) Line was long so we headed into Rainforest Cafe and used their entrance. Great tip from this board.Did the Safari, walked the trails, went to conversation station then ate early lunch at Tucker House. Good, fast food. Then on to Asia and the Jungle Trail. It was great. The bats are unbelievable. Many people are fairly tried by this point and just skip it. Don't skip it - really enjoyed these animals. No problem fitting into any of the rides at AK. Did some shopping and decide to go back to hotel for a little nap before heading to MK for MSEP and Fireworks.Headed to MK at about 6 pm, grabbed a bite to eat at El Pirata Yel Perico - fast food Mexican - nothing to write home about but hot.Got a place for Parade and waited about 45 minutes. Fairly crowded because only night for parade and fireworks. We still enjoy the parade and fireworks. Expect huge crowds for off-season on parade nights and buses take awhile. Went back to PO tired and happy

Day 3 - Went to Gospel Brunch at House of Blues. Really enjoyed it. One small problem - buses seemed not to be running to DD until 9:30 or later. So we were a little late but still worked out ok. This was the day a hurricane was moving over Florida so rain most of the day. So we shopped at WS, DD, and PI. Went back to PO, took a break then some friends joined us and we went to Fulton's and ate and ate and ate. Good food, good service. Walked around then called it a day.More to follow.

Tips for Large or Pooh sized people. I had no troubles at AK. We didn't do the Kali Falls but the other attractions were no problem. Just remember to wear your best walking shoes and maybe padded socks to AK. Lots of walking. We just loved this park. It is beautiful and even peaceful. BAS [This message was edited by BetsyAnn on 10-12-00 at 11:17 AM.]
BetsyAnn and the Mom trip Report ( Adults only trip & Pooh Sized) Part II BetsyAnn, the daughter,
Elaine the Mom
Day 4 - (which was Monday I believe) went over to the MK. Didn't do EE but park was not too crowded at about 10 am. As I have said before I am just a little disappointed with MK mainly due to the fact that I was raised at Disneyland. Having said that there are still plenty of things to do. We started with the Tikki House - it's very different as most of you have said but still fun. We did pirates, Splash Mtn, HM, the new pooh ride - it's cute and it would help to use fast pass if wait is over 30 minutes - Timekeeper, Golden Horseshoe revue - had a sandwich lunch there- fun and interactive show - small world - just have to do small world - shopped, transit thing in Tomorrow land, Buzz Light Year - one of my new favorites. Ate dinner at Liberty Tavern - very good food - wonderful salad, the meats were all great - the flank steak you could cut with a fork - and just loved the corn bread dressing. It was about closing time so back to PO, the Olympics and the pool - to tell the truth we were both so tried we never made it to the pool

Day 5 - Disney Studios and E-ticket night We ate breakfast in the room and then headed off to studios. We arrived a little after opening and found no lines anywhere all day long. Did the Movie Ride - still enjoy this one, Beauty and the Beast, BetsyAnn did ToT and RnR - the mom walked through and then exited.

Side Story - while walking into ToT a family behind us was talking - the daughter had some very vocal issues about this ride and was not convinced. So we talked about it with her and her parents the daughter decided not to go so her mom did the exchange thing. Then at RnR they were behind us again and the parents asked if my mom would wait with their daughter. The daughter was very happy not to ride this coaster. She and Elaine "shopped" at the exit.

We shopped - found a very wonderful CM who showed us all the sales they were having, and talked to us for several minutes.We ate lunch at the Sci-Fi - loved it!!!!!! Had hamburger and a chicken wrap. The service was good and the atmosphere was great. This is a very quiet and dark place to come in out of the heat. Mainly the noise comes from the trailers and movie ads on the big screen

Then off to Muppets, Hunchback --this show is my one thing to do and see if you can only do one thing - then Backstage Pass, and Animation - we both enjoyed this small look into what the Animation studio does. We then spilt up -

BetsyAnn headed over to MK for E-ticket night and Elaine to shop till she dropped at DD. OK, you will see that MK is not my most favorite place to be but I LOVED e-ticket night! I started over in Tomorrow land just about 1/2 hour before the park closed. Did Buzz 7 or 9 times till my fingers could no longer hold down the tigger then did orbiter rockers then to Space Mtn for 4 rides, then I went to timekeeper. Then a hike across the park to Splash Mtn and Big Thunder Mtn. The crowds in Tomorrow Land were light compared to SplMtn and Big Thunder Mtn. If I had encountered the small waits at these two rides at all the rides I might have been disappointed. But I wasn't!

Another funny Story - After BetsyAnn arrived at MK and got a yummy hot dog - it started to sprinkle. Well, it has been raining off and on for a few days so no big deal. Continued to eat under an umbrella and enjoyed watching everyone dash by. OK then it started raining harder but still dry under the umbrella, Then the buckets came down -- no longer dry and made the dash to the covered sidewalk. CM was standing there and said "You gave up!" I said I thought I could make it until I saw the small animals floating by" We both laughed!

Great Fun Tips and/or thoughts for Large or"pooh" sized Disney Friends. No Problems in MK with any of the rides I went on. You do need to step down into some of the rides so it may take you a few extra seconds to get back out. I was never uncomfortable with getting in or out. I did notice some of the turnstiles are a little small at MK. For me it was the space between the bars. It felt like the bars "caught" me. I just kept moving forward and went through just fine. If it is uncomfortable for you, feel free to use the swinging door entrance. At the DStudios, the only problem was at Muppets. The sidebars on the chairs are very close together. I just sat forward.
Next Report - Epcot and PI BAS
BetsyAnn & the Mom (Adult only Trip & Large sized) Trip report -

Epcot The playersBetsyAnn, age 39, large sized gal
The Mom, Elaine, age 60 somethingAlso joined by two friends, Bill & Jessie from DC, age 50 something.

Day 6 Epcot - We arrive a couple minutes before the park opened at 9 am, meet our friends and headed over to Test Track. Decided to get fast pass and then ride. No wait at 9:10am, fast passes for 9:35 am return. BetsyAnn, Bill & Jessie rode. The mom decided to let us check it out before she rode. She hates roller coaster and no one was sure exactly what this ride would be like. We loved it. The mom went with us the second time and enjoyed it. TT has no drops and the curves and such were fine with her. We did buy the picture. Then on to the life pavilion, most enjoyable. Bill & BetsyAnn did body Wars while Jessie & mom did some of the hands on exhibits. Nothing was crowded when we entered about 10 am it picked up when we left at about 11 or so. Did the making of me, Cranial command and enjoyed them. Off to the Energy. It's Ok.Then we went to one of the innovations buildings and looked and played. At this point we decided we wanted to eat and decided to go to England. We ate at the sit down restaurant and 3 of us had fish & chips, and one had the cottage pie. All very good. Then headed towards the countries, We did everything on the right hand side if facing Lagoon. Stopped at Germany and took the boat back for PS at The garden Grille. Arrived about 15 minutes early and we were seated immediately. We enjoyed the meal and character interaction. Mickey played with me for a little while. The mom told the story of my first meeting him and he panamimed that I was taller and he was older. After Dinner did the boat ride in the Lands and decided to head to Imagination. I know some people are disappointed in the new ride. It was OK. We enjoyed the special effects but what we really liked was the items after the ride. Jessie played with the sound effects for nearly 1/2 hour and we all enjoyed the e-mail picture. Went to Honey I shrink.. loved it. Always do. It was time for the park to close. Shopped a little then headed back to PO. Happy, tired and realizing we didn't do nearly everything.

Day 7 Epcot again Headed over at about 9:30 did the Living Seas, and headed over to the Left hand side of Countries. Ate lunch at Mexico- good marg., chicken nachos and salad. Enjoyed the countries around this way with Norway and Mexico sticking out. Headed back to PO for a nap before heading to PI & our friends. We went to PI at about 7pm to catch first Comedy show then walked around. BetsyAnn fell in love with the Adventure's club. Please if you like goofy things, silly songs and interaction, go and try it. Stay long enough to go into the Library for a meeting. Good night and Good bye to our friend who left the next morning.

Tips for large sized - No problem with anything at Epcot or PI. BAS
BetsyAnn & the Mom (Adults only trip & Large sized)

Final Days & Thoughts Players -
BetsyAnn, age 39, Large sized Gal
the Mom, Elaine, age 60 something

Day 8 - our next to last day - Slept in then headed over to DL for breakfast Buffet at Boatwrights. Every yummy, great server! Then decided to head over to AK for a few hours and play some more. Went to Tarzan Rocks - hated it! Music so loud couldn't understand the singers. Would not do again. Then did Dinosaur on our fast pass that we had gotten early. It was Ok. BetsyAnn was disappointed with ride. With all the black spaces in the ride it felt unfinished to her. It is comparable to Indy Jones at Disneyland but not as complete to us. A little to jerky for the mom but she said she would do it again. We shopped some and then headed to Disney Quest. Disney Quest was fun for us. We did the Buzz ride and loved it. two people per car one driver, one shooter. We laughed and laughed. Play some of the classic video games, Comic - virtual game- , and drove the racecar video games(lots of fun. We of course ate at Cheesecake factory and for a mid-afternoon meal. Then final shopping trip to DD. and back to room to pack and such. It was touch and go if everything would fit. It did.

Last Day - The mom left in the am and BetsyAnn left in pm. BetsyAnn back to DQ for some playing of games and a little more cheesecake before heading for the airport!

Just some general thoughts:Port Orleans is a wonderful resort. The size, staff and surroundings were wonderful for us. The lack of a sit down rest. was not an issue for us as we ate everywhere else.

We had good food if not great food almost everywhere we ate with the exception of the Mexican food in MK. Food is something that is very individual and our opinions are just simply what we experienced. Even with 9 days we didn't do everything nor did we try to do everything. We made a list of what we wanted to do before we came and then went with the flow. It was a vacation not a do or die thing for us.

If you don't know about Moleskin, it would be worth getting some just in case you get blisters. BetsyAnn got a terrible blister from her well broken in walking shoes and it was a foot saver. Also two pairs of walking shoes were a must for us. Also the padded socks worked well.

Our vacation was wonderful. We had a great time. The CMs we dealt with were polite, friendly, and just plan fun sometimes. We believe that people will treat you like you treat them - remember to say Thanks, Look people in the eye and smile.

We only had one PS(Garden Grill) and we made it once we got there. We walked into every other rest. and never waited more than 5 minutes if any wait at all. We ate early or late and it was in September. We only have one small thought about children at WDW.

Now both of us work with children and have all our lives. And for the most part the children we saw were great and having a wonderful and magical experience. We ran into school age children at AK and these children were well supervised, having a great time and very polite. We did however run into a couple of children who were with their parents who were taking risks, which were safety issues. Standing up on Splash Mtn. Putting, the hands in the water or trying to reach out and touch things. The parents said nothing. At one point a child stood up at the top of the drop of Spl Mt. We both gasped and once again the parents said nothing. We both are very conscience of the children around us whether they are ours or not. Please parents never be afraid of correcting your children in a public place. A few words to explain why it's not safe are always OK and you never know the village may be right there to support you. We met lots of family’s -the parents and children seemed to be having a great time. Parents keep up the good work!

Large/Pooh sized people - Just really no problems with anything at WDW. BetsyAnn did finally figure out the turnstiles at MK. It is not that they are so much different. It's just that the normal turnside ways would not help. It's the distance between the bars so if you are larger sideways than straight try to got straight through with one leg slightly in front of the other. Well it was a great time! If we did cover something you would like to know, just post and we will try! And big Thanks for all the tips before we went!
plus the funny about the animals floating by......I think I recall a few times that I expected an ark to take over....thanks again for your reports


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