ADR at CRT, Party of 16, and the elusive "Group Dining"

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    Hi all! I am the planner for my family's trip in February 2019. There are 16 of us, and I know ADRs might be tricky so I've been researching as much as possible on how to best go about it. The only ADR that is really important to me is getting CRT for my niece's birthday. We check in on Saturday, her birthday is Sunday so we're going to MK that day and *hopefully* CRT. So I'll be trying for CRT at 180+1. I've read that calling for a large party reservation is the best plan. And even talking to "Group Dining". How does one talk to Group Dining? Is there a special number to call? Does the CM at the dining number have to transfer you? I just called Dining to discuss this and the CM was not helpful at all. She basically told me this is going to be hard, start looking at other alternatives. :confused: It's not a huge deal if we have to split up into a couple different tables/reservations. But the CM was even doubtful about this possibility. o_O

    Any advice?? Thank you in advance!
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    Try calling the dining reservation line and ask to speak with group dining to see what can be arranged.

    Getting CRT for 16 at 180+1 is going to be difficult because other on site visitors who arrive before you will have the advantage of their 180 + 10. Even though it would be great to have it on her birthday, you will have a better chance if you are flexible about which meal and if are willing to consider other days on your vacation. It is not a large restaurant so it is good that you are willing to be split up. At best you'll be at adjacent or nearby tables.

    Unless you have the dining plan, CRT requires full payment at the time of the booking. Also, everyone, even infants need to be included on the reservation although anyone two or younger will not be charged.

    Good luck!
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