a joke for Mainers or (New Englanders)


Dec 28, 1999
A curious fellow died one day and found himself waiting in the long

> >judgment. As he stood there he noticed that some souls were allowed

> >to march right through the pearly gates into Heaven. Others though,

> >were led over to Satan who threw them into the burning pit. But every

> >so often, instead of hurling a poor soul into the fire, Satan would

> >toss a soul off to one side into a small pile.

> >

> >After watching Satan do this several times, the fellow's curiosity

> >got


> >best of him. So he strolled over and asked Satan what he was doing.

> >

> >"Excuse me, Prince of Darkness," he said. "I'm waiting in line for,

> >judgment, but I couldn't help wondering. Why are you tossing those

> >people aside instead of flinging them into the Fires of Hell with the

> >others?"

> >

> >"Oh those . . ." Satan groaned. "They're all from Maine. They're

> >still


> >cold and wet to burn."
Amen to that!!

I'm from Vermont and this is our 20th day of rain! With no end in site. Right through next Tuesday it is suppose to rain. High temps of 52 degrees.

I'm trying to keep a smile but this is a little much.
:rotfl2: Pumba...that's great! On my way home for lunch today I had to take a moment with all this rain and just be thankful......

THAT IT'S NOT JANUARY!!! Can you imagine all this parcipitation in the form of cold, white stuff????? :earseek:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Will have to share this with SIL and BIL who live in Maine.


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