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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by DisneyCP2002, Jul 29, 2003.

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    May 30, 2002
    My First question is What time does MVMCP start? How early before the party should I make my ressies for Crystal Palace? I am right that if I have a ressie for CP then I can get into the park before the party starts?

    My second set of questions concern Fantasmic Package. What is the time for Fantasmic during december usually? What is the earliest/latest I should make my PS for to make sure I get there on time? Is Mama Melrose a pretty good choice or should I check out something else?

    Now I'm wondering about Spectromagic. I'm assuming it will only be running once and probably the saturday night of my trip. What time does it usually run in early/mid december? How late should I make a PS at Chef Mickey's to accomadate getting out and on a monorail/walking? No matter how late I get out I should still be able to see some of the monorail resorts Christmas Decorations correct? Also how would I go about getting back to my hotel from Contemporary or other resort if MK is closed?

    Finally just some general timing questions. For CRT how early should I make my ressie to make sure I'm ready to go when the park opens? If I'm going to the late Candlelight Processional how early should my PS for Garden Grille be? How early can you make PS for Princess Storybook Breakfast in Epcot, what I was looking for was the earliest seating time? Also Donald's Breakfasaurous at AK?

    Just some general info on me now. I will be traveling solo from December 11-17. I will be staying on site. I went through the WDTC so that makes me in the small group that will get to do ressies on the 4th :( I actually wish this was a perk for everyone. I've been to disney once before at christmas but never really did plan out my PS's so that's why I have so many questions. Sorry if I was to long winded. I hope some kind people can help shed light on this for me.
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    well, that is a tough question to answer for MVMCP. last year we were not allowed in the park after eating,but had to go to tomorrowland to wait. however, in the past, we were allowed in the park. so it sounds as if it changes yearly. i would try to book the closest to around 5:30 or 6:00. MVMCP usually begins at 7:00. can't help w/fantasmtic. spectromagic will most like run on saturday, but again that is not a certainity. according to last year's schedule, spectro ran on the 7th at 7 and 9; on the 11 at 6:00 and on the 14 at 7 and 9. keep in mind the buses run for 90 minutes after park closing so that should not be a problem returning to your resort. or you can always go to downtown disney and return that way if you are at a resort and then return to your hotel. the earliest for breakfast times is usually about 8:00. even if you have an early PS for cindy's don't count on being seating immedidately unless yours is the very first seating. we always have had to wait. and for CP we like to do a 5:00 meal as that leaves some time for shopping before the performance. hope this helps.:tongue:

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