9/13: Day 7: MK and Buddy Guy

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    Friday, September 13, 2002

    We decided today was the day we'd work on our AP questionnaire. We'd done a few things while we were there on 9/11, but didn't really spend much time. We ate in our room, and were at MK by 9:30.

    We started in the train station and were able to answer every question pertaining to that. Then we headed up Main Street. This one was hard, we struggled with a few, even leaving a few blank.

    From here we headed to Tomorrowland. We answered all of them, even riding the TTA to answer a few. We had to ask a cm in the arcade for help. He was very helpful. He was in a wheelchair, and I think he had cerebral palsy, but he had a good time giving us hints and helping out. He even gave us one answer that he said no one can get. It was fun talking to him.

    Next on to Fantasyland. Fantasyland was a mad house. We just took a quick walk through, getting help from a nice cm in the Tinkerbell's Treasures. She was a manager of some sort, and had a list of answers. We didn't ask for any, and she said she rarely just gives them out, but she gives good hints. For some reason, I was suddenly very ill. This happens to me on occasion. I suffer from what's called "dumping", sometimes whatever is in my stomach just decides it's time to leave. I was so happy this was the first time since we'd arrived that this happened. Stephen keeps an eye out for bathrooms all the time for me, so he headed me in the right direction. Upon exiting, I was famished. This is a result of the dumping. Whatever was in my system has now left, and I need to replenish. We found a bagel and cream cheese and sat down for awhile. We decided to leave Fantasyland and try Toontown Fair next.

    Toontown Fair was not near as crowded. I had never really been in this part of MK, having no small kids, but it was cute. We enjoyed Mickey and Minnies house, Donald's boat and the theming all around. We were able to answer every question pertaining to this area except one. We asked a cm, and she directed us to the prop, but it was not there. Come to find out, it was removed for refurbishing. Me thinks the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing!! We got this answer from another cm when she found out it had been removed. Kind of funny.

    We headed back out to Fantasyland and finished up the questions there. Stephen refused to ride IASW, so we decided to get that answer from a cm or other AP holder. We did ride Snow White for the first time. I liked this ride and we got the answer we needed. Some answers you had to ride to get, others you just needed to queue or they were in plain site outside.

    We headed on to Liberty Square. These were pretty simple, so we breezed through them in about 1/2 hour. However, the Haunted Mansion was closed for refurbishing and wouldn't re-opened until after we left. There was a cm stationed near the fastpass machines to tell people it was closed. She was willing to give us these answers since we couldn't get them ourselves. I was hungry and craving a hot dog, so we headed to Pecos Bills. I love the fixin bar here, and the kids meal is more than enough for me. We added McDs fries to this meal, and it was yummy.

    Then we did Frontierland. This was the hardest land to answer. It is so spread out, and you have to ride a lot. We rode BTMRR, to find an answer but to no avail. The question was, "What is the name of the fictitous town that BTMRR was based on." I knew it, but Stephen didn't believe me. After we rode it, (he thought it was Superior, because a store had "Superior goods on the side.), we asked the cm's at the fastpass machines, telling them of our competition. They were not very willing to tell us outright, so we told them what we each thought. Finally, one cm told Stephen that he should learn to listen to his wife. I knew I was right!!! We had this ongoing competition regarding being right about things (remember the GMR debate at MGM? Stephen said getting this one right would be the coup! He really thought he was right.) We finally had most of them answered, so decided to head to Adventureland.

    We walked through Swiss Family for one answer, Jungle Cruise (actually in the queue area) and PoC (no answers found). Our JC captain was very funny, probably the funniest we had ever had. We ran into a few couples in Adventureland that were also doing the questionnaire. We helped them, and one couple gave us the ISAW answer. Stephen was so releaved that he didn't have to ride this one.

    It was about 3:30, so we decided to head out and finish up another day. The Buddy Guy concert was at 7:30 so we had to get cleaned up and have dinner and go to DTD for the fun.

    We headed back to our room and showered and changed. I had purchased a cute, black tank dress and then wore the sarong I bought earlier this week over it for warmth (I get cold easily.) We ran a little late because Stephen was watching a Nebraska football game on ESPN Classic. He knew they lost (he's a NE fan) and couldn't leave till it was over. I just don't get it.

    We took a bus to DTD, and walked right in at 6:00. We ate at Rainforest Cafe with a gift certificate I earned online. The gift certificate was for $25, and we paid an additional $17, which included tip. They would not allow me to use the GC with my DVC discount, which I thought was weird. The food was very good. It rained while we were eating, but stopped before we went out. We walked via Pleasure Island to the Westside and got in line. We talked to a nice couple who just moved from Maimi to Orlando and were huge Blues fans. They started talking cuz the man had a Harley t-shirt on and Stephen always has to talk to someone with a harley shirt on. It helped pass the time in line. The doors opened at 7:30, and we were let in. I didn't carry a purse tonight, opting to put my perscription in Stephen's pocket (I need it when I eat). He had to check the pills at the door. He could have taken them in if he'd had the prescription with him, but they were in an unmarked container. Funny! The House of Blues only has a few barstools and the first 25 or so get those, so it was standing up. The warm up band was horrible. Stephen's a big blues fan, and he had a hard time listening to them. It was a guitarist/soloist, and drummer called T Model Ford from Greenville, MS. I know that because he said it over and over again. That was one of the longest hours of my life. When Buddy Guy got up, I was actually excited. It was a fun concert. I wouldn't choose to go again, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. Stephen, on the other hand, had a ball. He loved it so much. Buddy Guy even came off stage with a cordless guitar and walked right by us. We could have reached out and touched him. He went into the balcony and all over the hall. The concert went till about 11:30. We left while he was signing autographs from the stage to beat the crowds out. I hate crowds. Wandered to the guitar store to get some pics for the band I sing with, and then headed to the bus stop. We got in our room about 12:30 a.m.

    I really enjoyed this day. We talked to a lot of cm's and other AP holders and saw MK in a different light. And the concert wasn't that bad either.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Another fun day... :) Thanks for sharing.
  3. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    The quiz seems difficult!

    I would like to go to a HOB concert one of these days!

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Thanks for all the tips on the AP questionnaire!

    We might try this when we go in 3 weeks!

    Thanks for the report!
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    Thanks for the great report. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Isn't it great traveling without the kids? My DH and I have gone by ourselves 4 times, and we always have a great time. We will be back in December with other family members (not our children), and again by ourselves in March (we are also DVC members). Our next trip with our family (DS, DD, DDIL, DSIL, and grandkids) will be next October. When we go in December, I would like to do the AP questionaire. Where do I get one?

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