9/12: Day 6: AK and Epcot

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    Thursday, September 12, 2002

    I wanted to make it to Animal Kingdom today for the "Awakening", but it didn't happen. We were up at 7:15, but I was slow moving, so we didn't get to the bus till 8:45. Arrived at AK by 9:15, and went straight to Kilamanjaro Safaris. On Sunday we just didn't see very many animals out, but today was a different story. We had to wait a number of times while animals crossed the road. Even the lion and lioness were up and around. Very good safari.

    We then went to the Tusker House bakery to get a cinnamon roll. That was one of our favorite snacks from last year, and my mouth was watering just thinking about it. It was not the same, to my disappointment. Last year, they were in a large pan, all touching each other, and hot with oozey frosting. This time they weren't hot, and it looked like they were baked in individual pans so the outside wasn't soft, but crusty, and the frosting was not melted on top. I was so disappointed. Last year they were sooo good. OH well.

    From here we walked the Tree of Life trails. I really like seeing the animals and there were a number of cm's showing animals up close and explaing a lot of stuff.

    Then over to Lion King. We saw this for the first time last year, and I loved it. The monkeys are great. We sat in the elephant section about three rows up. The singers came out, and each went to their respective sections. Our leader was the cheif. He started talking about the different animal sections and how we needed to sound like elephants and be the loudest. Then he started walking into the stands. He walked behind me, and stopped directly behind Stephen. Stephen was trying desparately to ignore him, but was informed he was going to help lead the elephant roar. After a little cajoling, he went down. I took a picture with him and the chief and then he led the crowd. He was really unsure as to what an elephont sounded like, but he did great. A little embarrassed, he came back and sat down. That was fun. Oh yeah, and the show was great, of course.

    We headed to Dinoland to ride Primeval Whirl again. I know, it looks like a kid ride, but we really liked it. Then we rode Dinosaur again. I just can't open my eyes on this one. Then back to Primeval Whirl for the last time. We ate lunch at Resturantosaurus. I loved the theming there. I thought you could get real McD's hamburgers here, but I was wrong. The fries were good though.

    We left AK at about 1:00, and headed back to our room. I napped for about 2 hours, then we headed to Epcot.

    Our main goal was to see the shows. We started with Off Kilter. I really like this band and they are fun to watch. Then we headed to the American Adventure to see Voices of Libery and American Vybe. As we left AA, it started to rain, and rain hard. We stopped to get Stephen a Kaki Gori (weird) and then ran for cover. It downpoured for almost 45 minutes. We got stuck under the awning at the entrance to Chefs de France (I think). It finally started letting up (not stopping), so we decided to head back to our room to dry off. We were planning on going back to MGM and catching Fantasmic that evening, but we were wet and Stephen was tired (he didn't nap), so we decided to just hang around the Boardwalk.

    After we dried off and changed, we walked to Tubbi's where I got the best chicken sandwich. I could not eat it all. Stephen wanted a Spoodles pizza, so he just had a drink. We went to the Boardwalk and got the pizza and sat down to eat it. There was not a dry chair anywhere. It had stopped raining, so I would have thought someone would have come out and dried things off, but no. Oh well, I took a handful of napkins and dried us off a spot. We people watched while Stephen ate his pizza. I wanted a sweet snack, since I had a full tummy and had tried to get a crepe in France but the rain closed it up. After we ate, the crepe-on-a-stick opened up, so I got a white chocolate one. Mmmmmm, good. We stopped in the bakery to get Stephen a snack, and headed to the Beach Club. On the way, Stephen mentioned that we should have stopped and got me a PibbXtra in the store. That sounded so good for breakfast, that we turned around and headed back. I had to use the bathroom, so Stephen went to the store, and I used the bathroom by the arcade. When I came out, a small Dixieland band was talking to Stephen, asking where he's from and having a good time. They started singing and putting in Colorado and Longmont in their songs. Soon, a small crowd had formed. Then the piano man on the bike came up and joined them. Then the leader (he played the trumpet) pulled me up, asked my name, and then sang a song that he called, "Hard-hearted Kelli" It was very fun. I love dixieland jazz, so this was a highlight for me. I'm glad we decided to turn around and get that pop.

    After being serenaded, we headed back to our room. It was only 9:00, so we headed to the quiet pool for about 1/2 hour. Then back to our room at 9:30. Have I mentioned that we don't have cable and my dear husband is a sports fanatic. He loves every night being able to watch ESPN (and all the extra ESPN channels too) So, tonight he turned on ESPN something, and watched for awhile. I went straight to sleep.
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    How special being serenaded by the Dixie Land Band. Thats truely a magical moment to remember. :)
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    Those personal touches make WDW even more special, don't they?
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    We've never seen Lion King at AK. Will have to make a point of it.

    Sounds like some nice Disney Magic this day!

    Thanks for posting!

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