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Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by Taqwus, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Taqwus

    Taqwus Your last line shows the true extent of your eviln

    Jan 31, 2006
    Well I saw the post that got revived about disney tips
    Unfortunately the old webpage is long gone and I can not find it on google cache or in groups, so when I was looking at the date July 7, 2007 - 7-7-7
    I figure to make a new one on what is probably the luckiest day of this thousand years

    Also if someone wants to come back in about a week and recompile a list, we should be able to use better methods than emailing the list out to distribute it and maybe have it up permanently

    First I would like to get a few quick rules down
    1. Number your tips
    2. If someone post a tip number you just posted, you can go back and re-edit it but the next person should just skip to the correct number it should be
    3. Have fun with it

    Well here comes the first tip
    #1. When going to WDW remember to protect your head. Getting sunburn on the head is really annoying. You can bring a hat or just rub sun screen into it

    #2. Bring baby powder. This will help greatly if you start chaffing on the inner thighs from walking. Also do not put too much down there or else it will look like a flour factory just blew up, though it is very funny to see it happen

    #3. Bring extra memory cards for your digital camera. This way you will not have to go download them somewheres. Right now you can get a 4gb SD Memory card for about 40$ this is probably the same price as downloading them to a CD at the park

    #4. ICE your younger kids. Take a luggage or airline tag and attach it with your ICE (In Case of Emergency) number onto them. You can decorate the cards and attach them to lanyards so the kids will like them

    #5. Keep taking pictures. With modern digital cameras, you can probably take a few thousand pictures per memory card. Do not be afraid to go overboard you never know out of the 500 you took today you might get that 1 priceless photo, that is more important to you than the vacation. Also if you do not like them you can just delete them

    Okay, I put up 5 of them lets keep them coming. Here is some ideas: packing, foot care, dining, traveling, character sitings, cooling down in the park, fun with duct tape and annoying in-laws.......
  2. Donald is #1

    Donald is #1 DIS Veteran

    Jun 24, 2006
    #6 If you are at AK and the lines at the ticket turnstiles are long, cut through the store at the RFC. The lines are normally non-existent at the turnstiles there.
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  4. disneymom2twins

    disneymom2twins As my nephew says...."Chip and Dip"

    Aug 16, 2006
    #7 - Bring a power cord for the room - between cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, dvd players, etc.

    #8 - For small children, bring sippy cups to AK. Straws aren't allowed there, and its a nightmare for toddlers who can drink out of a straw, but not out of a regular cup
  5. Bambi Sunshine

    Bambi Sunshine Earning My Ears

    Jul 4, 2007
    #9 If you want to go on the behind the scenes tour at MK, the one where you see all the amimators drawing etc, go during the week because they dont work weekends - we learnt this the hard way :-(

    #10 Freeze a bottle of water the day before you go to the park and take it with you, the ice will melt slowly and give you a nice cold drink and you can also use it against your head to cool you down.

    #11 If you feet hurt because of your shoes dont be afraid to walk around barefoot for a while, no one cares, the ground if pretty safe from rubbish (just make sure it isnt too hot from the heat as you dont want to burn your feet) you will be much better off

    #12 Let children take it turns to pick a ride and a place to eat to reduce squabblng

    #13 Buy Disney dollers before you go and save them in a jar, you cant spend them anywhere else and this will give you more spending money when you go on your holiday

    #14 put a sarong in your day bag when you go out, I had a skirt split and had to wear the sarong instead for a day, my friend spilt something down her top and wore it on another. You can also throw it over your shoulders if you are getting burnt and it wont be too hot. They are really light weight and small and you never know what or when you might need it

    #15 Say it with me people..... "SUNBLOCK" -- get a "once" sunblock, they can be a little more pricey but they last 6-8 hours instead of 2 and you will not have to worry about forgetting to apply it frequently -- REMEMBER to check what kind of "waterproofing" it has as you may need to re-apply after water rides.

    #16 If you arent a confident swimmer and you are going to the waterparks have a go at everything BUT take a book! - I went to TL and wasnt comfortable being in the water with my family so spent a VERY boring day sat under a parasol with nothing to do. ALSO if you are sharing a locker with someone who is in the water make sure you have the locker key and not them because I also got VERY burnt under that parasol as I couldnt get to my sunblock

    #17 take a couple of snack bars - sometimes you are having so much fun you forget to eat until you are starving and then the queues to get food are really long so a snack bar may keep you going.

    #18 If you are from the UK and you are in a car with someone who hasnt driven in the USA before here are my 2 tips
    1) Remind them to look the opposite way at junctions for oncoming traffic, sounds obvious but after a long flight auto pilot can click on and we were nearly killed at the first junction we came to because my step-father pulled out into an oncoming car!
    2) Watch their speed, the speed limit is slower and I know a few people who have been going at 70 when they should be going at 40 just out of habit, an extra pair of eyes never hurts

    #19 When you pack your day bag pack the items in groups according to size into clear plastic zip lock bags or plastic document holders, it will do multiple things;
    It will make bag checks easier and quicker for the staff as they can see what you have and take the contents of your bag out without it taking you forever to put everything back in
    If you go on a water ride and your bag is open a bit or isnt very waterproof it will keep the contents dry and safe.

    ALSO if you are doing this you can stick a note onto the front of each bag with a list of what it should contain - this will, make it easier locating an item as you can read what is where (always handy when you are standing in a queue and trying to find something at the same time). It also makes checking you have everything before you leave for the park a lot quicker and more efficiant. Zip lock bags come in multiple colours so if you are carrying things for more than one person, you can put your things in blue bags, child one in green, child 2 in yellow and husband in red etc and help even further

    #20 Ladies - wear little or no make up in the parks, it gets hot, your going to get wet at some point and YOUR ON HOLIDAY it makes life easier just to leave it at home. You are never going to see these people again and they are too busy having a good time to worry about what you look like. Also remember that some make-up melts and spoils in the heat so if you are carrying make-up with you dont take your best most expensive stuff

    #21 Here is my number 1 tip -- if you are going in a group with some people who have been to WDW before and some havent dont be afraid to split off into two groups --- why you may ask -- well reason 1 is that by the end of your holiday you will be sick of hearing "when we were here last time" and being told "spoilers", also there are the "this is where...over there is...oh this is really good...you probably dont want to do that....what we do is..." God bless them people think they are being helpful but it does get annoying and takes away the element of discovering "a whole new world" :-)lmao:) all on your own. Reason 2 is that you will want to go around and soak up the atmosphere and take it all in, wonder around eyes glazed as though you have stepped into a beautiful dream while they will have a set idea of where they want to go and what they think you should do and play tour guide "Oh we should do....ooo I want to show you.....we really liked....you should start over here because....when we were here last time" (I added two of the last times because you will hear it A LOT especially if you are with my family lol)

    Sorry they were long but there are some of my tips
  6. Bambi Sunshine

    Bambi Sunshine Earning My Ears

    Jul 4, 2007
    Just thought of another one for the girls

    #22 If you are going with your husband, boyfriend etc take a bag slightly bigger than you need because you know he wont want to take one and you will end up with his keys and wallet etc etc ALSO dont take something too girly -- buy WHY you may ask....when you get sick of carrying everything you can pull your damsel in distress routine and get him to carry the bag, he is less likely to do it if it is pink with sleeping beauty all over it LOL
  7. Beep

    Beep My heart and soul live in Florida!

    May 30, 2007
    Bambi, there are some great tips in there!

    #23 Take a couple of pack of wet wipes. Brilliant for wiping hands after applying sunblock, before and after eating and for keeping the rest of your bits fresh! I also take facial wipes and clean my face before re-applying SPF face cream.

    #24 Bottled water is expensive so fill bottles up from the tap in the hotel and freeze them. We also fill them up at the drinking fountains in the parks. If you don't like the taste of the water get some flavoured sachets from places like Walmarts or a grocery shop.

    #25 Ziplock bags are invaluable for just about everything. Get a few really big ones and keep a fresh t-shirt in your bag. If you get soaked, rained on or particulary sweaty you can at least change your top. I do this before we go to eat in a park restaurant. If you are wearing sneakers keep a change of socks too - in a separate bag so you can put the smelly ones in there on their own!

    #26 Get some blank postcards and write one out for each day. I keep a note of opening times, dinner reservation times and numbers etc and you can write down the row and number of where you have parked. Guess what I keep it in? Yep, a ziplock bag! Don't forget the pen!
  8. Mickeysangel49

    Mickeysangel49 Mouseketeer

    May 19, 2007
    I have done this many times and been told numerous times by numerous CM's that bare feet are not allowed in the parks. (I suppose it makes sense - if you step on something and get hurt, they're liable.)

    So if you do it, don't get caught!!!!! :rotfl:
  9. lori1043

    lori1043 Where IS that EASY button advertised on TV?

    Nov 2, 2006
    #13 amendment-don't WASH your Disney dollars, they do NOT come out like regular ole' cash! been there done it, thankfully it was only a couple bucks in DD's!

    We save cash, after doing this, and now we just get the DD's before we go for the kids! I love this thread! Hoping to print it up before our trip from all the tips!
  10. hidmickey:myantidrug

    hidmickey:myantidrug DIS Veteran

    Jul 18, 2006
    #27. The only footwear issue more important than breaking in new shoes is checking your socks! Nothing is worse than bunchy socks! Pack accordingly and toss those bad guys out!
  11. Dedejf

    Dedejf Have loved Disney for thirty years!

    Feb 15, 2005
    #28 Ice water is free at the parks. Just ask any counter service for a glass of it and you will receive! Save money and stay hydrated as the Florida sun can be brutal especially to the young and older adults visiting.:wizard: :hippie: :yay: :3dglasses :cutie: :)
  12. Julianna07

    Julianna07 Mouseketeer

    Jan 6, 2007
    #29 I keep a small pad of Post-It notes in my bag all the time. I found that when I was taking my DNiece to the washroom, she would get startled by the toilet when it flushed under her. She would jump off mid stream and then need to use her fresh pair of clothes. So I cover the "Eye" with a post it so it won't flush when she is sitting on the toilet. It also comes in handy to cover the "eye" on the auto sinks as well. You can keep the water running hiding the "eye".
  13. LuluLovesDisney

    LuluLovesDisney <font color=red>If you're not outraged, you're not

    Feb 28, 2005
    #30 - Frozen/cold bottled water is also a great foot massager! First find a secluded spot, :lmao: then put the bottled water on the ground and roll your foot back and forth over it. Feels great!

    #31- Charge your trip on your Disney Visa and pay it before you go. (I do airfare one month, hotel the next, etc.) and I have Rewards Dollars to spend in WDW!

    #32 - Ask about a discount. Everywhere. If you are AARP, or AAA or AP holders, teacher, military, or Florida residents, whatever. Ask about anything they can offer. You might be surprised!

    #33 - Check everything twice before you go! Make sure you have passports, ID's, Disney Dollars, anything you need. Also double check park hours, fireworks times, ADR's. Keep it all organized, with all confirmation numbers and check it all twice!
  14. Mrs Grumpy

    Mrs Grumpy Always Planning!

    Jun 21, 2006
    #34 - take a bag with extra socks, t-shirts, deoderant, ect and keep it in a locker. Late in the afternoon it feels great to go and freshen up a bit. Helps you keep going.

    #35 - if you need a break in the MK the train is a great place to sit and relax in the shade. We rode it around 3 times once just to take a break.
  15. Beep

    Beep My heart and soul live in Florida!

    May 30, 2007
    #36 Take miniatures or travel-size toilettries for the first day or so and then buy shower gels, shampoos etc from a grocery store. Saves money and weight in the baggage
  16. CourtasanSatine

    CourtasanSatine <font color=blue>I'm partial to the 4th seaters<br

    Nov 18, 2002
    37: Consider just dessert for some resturants, great way to check out the inside and save some money

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