7/21 Trip report day 3 Just another day in paradise (long)

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    It's 7:45 when the alarm rings. My mind and body are at war. The mind says this is it! Get up get out and enjoy every minute. The body says you're on vacation, go back to sleep. In the end I compromise I get up but treat the aching muscles to a stretch class before breakfast. No Fiona this time, just a nice easy way to stretch out and get ready for snorkling later in the week.

    Topsiders has my usual hash browns coffee fruit and croisant. I meet my husband and ambush him with my plans for the next hour. Somewhere in my disney fantasy life I have this vision of waltzing like Cinderella and the Prince. Now this is a long held and cherished fantasy that has not come about after 21 years of marriage. My first (and probably last) step to making it come true was to join the Ballroom dancing class which today was susposed to be learning the waltz and foxtrot. Soon we would be dancing like Cindy and the Prince.

    Well, it would seem that no amount of Pixie Dust was going to accomplish this one! DH has many very admirable qualities, but coordination is not one of them. We looked more like the evil stepsisters dancing. I did get one brief glimsp of what it might be like when the instructor in a noble attempt to let DH see what he meant waltzed me around the room. "The waltz" he intoned "is 99% appearance, stand errect, facing each other squarly, look into her eyes like there is no one else in the room (sigh). Hold her around the waist (deep sigh) now gracefully. . . .one two three one two three. I did give DH high marks for the effort but decided the ballroom may not be the place for us.

    After that much togetherness, and some little stress after being singled out on the dance floor, a little time apart was just the ticket. DH went off to watch Cory B make his Mom Palova, a dessert thing for us non Aussies (mom was going to be on the ship the next week).

    I went to the Walt Disney Theater for the Stage Works Tour. The head of the tech crew, the stage manager and the props and costume head all did presentations. It seems that the entire company rehearses in Canada for several months before coming aboard and rehearsing an additional two weeks before they take over for the cast that is leaving. Most of them are young the minimum age is 18 for actors 21 for everyone else on the ship. There are three of every costume either made or fitted to the person (two for the actor and one for the understudy) it takes about three weeks to get them back if they send them to Disney MGM for cleaning or repair. Those costumes also cost a pretty penny. The wedding dress for Voyage of Ghost Ship was used as an example. Although it is only seen about 90 seconds it cost $18,000 each and they had to have three of them!

    I returned to the room to find DH and DD2 off to the Island Magic show in search for yet another card to complete her set. This was the perfect time to work on another goal of mine. . . to complete an Oprah Book Club book before they review it. So off to Deck 4 with my copy of Cain River. I did give some thought to the disparity of reading about the lives of three generations of slaves while sitting on an Ocean Liner in a comfy deck chair. I'm sure my review won't get me a chance to meet Oprah and the author.

    I met DH and DD2 for lunch at Topsiders. DD2 was telling us about the Pasta Palace. Team were given pasta, paper and a hot glue gun (the counselor had the gun). They had to design a house that would withstand water, ice, a pig sitting on it and then "the terminator". She was quite pleased her team's house made it up to the terminator before falling.

    She was not excited by anything going on in her club so we decided to try and enter the Mickey 200. We met DS on the way who declined to join us. He was meeting a new friend from Spain. Our luck was with us as we were the 18th filled the last slot. For the Mickey 200 you are given a potato. a carrot a 4 wheels 4 small nails, two toothpicks a cutting board and a knife (only those over 18 can use the knife) . The object is to make a racing car that will go down a slopping track. Points are also given for style of the car. It's run very much like the boy scout pinewood derby. Barry, the imagineer was there with his family. While we went down to noble defeat in the eliminations, we were comforted by the fact that a) we crossed the finish line and b)the imaginner's car didn't fair much better. So far DD2 and I are batting 0 for 2 in getting that I'm a winner medal. We did manage to snag Mickey 200 pins as the consolation prize. Since DD2 and I are both pin traders it was a great consolation.

    The sun was out again so was the Deck 10/rainforest room combo for me. Ahhh this is what dreams are made of. Blue sky bright sun, and a pool to dip into when it gets too hot. Too soon it was time to get changes for C'est Magique and dinner.

    Everyone but DD1 gathered to see the show. A word of advice, never sit next to a 12 yr. old for a magic show. He knew how every trick worked and had no trouble telling me in great detail. Although he didn't figure out how the main character showed up in the middle of the audience with wet hair when he swore to me he was never really in the water tank. Despite that, I did like it. There was enough story telling mixed with the magic to make it entertaining.

    DS left us after the show. DD2 and I were off to Magic Quest and DH decided to head for the comedy juggling but soon joined up as Rockin Bar D was packed. Magic Quest is a family scavanger hunt where you never have to leave the room. Points were given for things like a male wearing Disney clothing (I knew there was a reason I bought him that Mickey polo) someone with braces, and the grand finale, a male with womens shoes, pocketbook and lipstick on. The first eight teams to the front of the stage got points. For somone who joined us late DH was an enthusiac participant, finding a girl from a neighboring table with braces and asking her parents if he could "borrow your daughter a minute."
    The points were totaled and. . . .we WON! Yes, finally the coveted red white and blue ribbon with the gold I'm a winner medal. DD2 looked like she won the Olympics. It was off to Animators Palate with our ribbons in place to gloat to the remaining two children about the fun they missed when they refuse to hang with the parents.

    Between the dinner conversation (Jane has set up hotels and trained staff all over the globe, Barb is a single mom with two jobs and a new house) and the show we didn't even start dessert until after the animation program ran. Pairjo continues to teach Taylor a new phrase in Tia each evening. Mac, bless his heart bring out one of each dessert we didn't order "for the table". Cruise ships are amazing, I didn't even know these people three days ago, now we are all digging our forks into communial desserts. The kids go their seperate way (no big suprise here). DH and I head for the showing of Castaway. Asking him to dance would have been a little too much considering our morning disaster.

    1:30 and we are heading for bed. I can't remember the last time we were out this late. It's like those dates we used to have back in the dark ages. I quick look at the other cabin show two out of three are asleep. Tomorrow is St. Maarten. I wonder what that will be like.
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    Mar 2, 2001
    I love your reports! I feel like it's a TV program, and I can't wait until next weeks episode!:p
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    Gee, I always wanted to try ballroom dancing - guess I won't ask your husband for a recommendation :)! Thanks for taking us on your trip!

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