4 parks 1 day. A quick report


Jan 12, 2016
My wife and I decided to try to get to all four parks in a single day on 2/12. Overall, we did okay on our adventure.
We started the day going to DHS. We arrived just after 8 and had to pick up ticket cards at the ticket booth. We headed into the park and started off towards Toy Story Land and Star Wars. We tried to get a boarding pass but failed as we had some issues with the Disney app. Slinky Dog Dash had a 150 minute wait and Mania was at 90. We walked through Star Wars Land. Not seeing anything we wanted to ride we headed to ToT. We waited 60 minutes for the drop. Looked at RR but it had a 2 hour wait. We headed to the car and moved it to the TTC.
Ride: Tower of Terror
Food: Free water
Other Activities: Traded Pins, strolled shops

From the TTC we rode the monorail to Epcot. Once through the entrance we headed to the Coral Reef for lunch. We shared the Lobster Boil, Cesar Salad, and Lobster Bisque. After lunch we rode Nemo and attended Turtle Talk with Crush. On to Animal Kingdom.
Ride: Nemo
Food: Coral Reef
Other Activity: Pin Trading, Turtle Talk

We rode the bus to AK and spent most of the afternoon there. We arrived about 1:30. We rode the train out to Planet Watch and back (we didn’t de train as we were killing time.). Next up was our first Fast Pass for the Safari. Had a good journey with lots of animals. From Africa we headed to Pandora and our River Journey fast pass. Our last Fast Pass was Everest at 5:45 so we had some time to spare. We hustled to Festival of the Lion King and made it to the 4:00 show just as the door was closing. After the festival it was off to the Yak and Yeti for a burger and fried rice. We got to Everest at 5:10 and had time to wait. My wife looked at the standby time, which stated 45 minutes and decided we’d ride standby and then use the fast pass and ride Everest twice. Sounded like a good plan. 15 minutes later we were boarding the ride. The standby estimate was a tad off. Got off and bought a shirt in the shop and then used of Fast Pass to ride again. It was closing in on 6 and we headed toward the entrance. Along the way we stoped for more pins and some shopping.
Animal Kingdom
Rides: Train, Safari, River Journey, Everest x2
Food: Yak and Yeti quick service. (Also lots of water-Free and bought)
Other activities: Festival of the Lion King, shopping, pin trading

Got to the bus area at about 6:30 and the Magic Kingdom line was completely full so we decided to take the Epcot bus and use the monorails to get to MK. Might have been a mistake time wise as we made it to the MK at 7:30. I had fast passed PoC for 8:15. We made it through the hub (people were packing in for fireworks). Stopped at the Tiki Room for the show and then on to Pirates. After PoC it was time to head out of the park as we had a 9:25 reservation at Flying Fish on the Boardwalk and we knew we were going to have to fight firework traffic leaving the park.
Magic Kingdom
Ride: Pirates
Other Activity: Tiki Room

We took the resort monorail to the TTC and then the car to the Boardwalk. We made it to Flying Fish right on time. We had a great dinner at Flying Fish. (Most likely the best meal I have had at any Disney property) After dinner we strolled the Boardwalk and end the day at Jellyrolls. Overall it was a very nice day.
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