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Jul 12, 2001
Question- If we purchase the 4-day magic passport, can we do the same park for the first two days and the same park for the last 2 days? For example, we are going to Disneyland on our first day, can we do the land again on day 2, or do we have to use it for Sea? Second, which park should we hit first? We are staying for 2 nights at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and then 3 nights at Mira Costa, so we were thinking to hit up the land the first two days, then sea the last two since we will be at Mira Costa then and can walk right into the park for the Happy 15. Or should we switch it and do 3 nights at Mira Costa first, and then 2 nights at the Disneyland Hotel?

We are HUGE Disney fans and want to spend 4 days there so we can fully explore the parks and take our time doing so. We have been to every park except for Hong Kong and do yearly trips to WDW. DD attends college in Californa and is an AP holder at Disneyland Anaheim. This is our first trip to the Tokyo parks!


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Jun 7, 2011
Yes you can do TDL&TDL or TDS&TDS for day 1 and day 2. Doesnt matter which one you do first although doing TDS first give you the option to come back again in day 3 or 4 if you havent had enough.

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Mar 18, 2018
It depends on what you plan to do and which days you're going because the schedules are different. Ideally, the days you wake up at the Disneyland Hotel, you start at Disneyland and the days you wake up at the Mira Costa, you start at Disneysea. For most people, I recommend doing Disneyland on the first day and DisneySea on the second day. The reason for this is that Disneyland tends to be faster paced and more tiring which is better for the first day when you have more energy.

You can park hop on the last two days so I usually recommend starting at DisneySea so that you can go on Soaring or Toy Story Mania. I haven't been to WDW recently but Soaring and Toy Story Mania have higher quality screens than at Disneyland and Soaring's waiting area + last scene are different.


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