3rd Annual DIS Ornament Exchange!!!

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    Aug 25, 1999
    :wave: With the okay from WebmasterCathyCanada - I am opening the Ornament Exchange this year to the whole DIS Community. Last year after I had gotten the names collected and out, I had people post that if they had known, they would have loved to participated but that they didn't frequent the Community Board. So this year I decided to see if could open this up to ALL DISers...so here we go!!!

    #1 Send me via email at cpeddle999@yahoo.com or via PM your name, address, city/state/zip, email address - if you send it via email - Please put in the subject - DIS ORNAMENT EXCHANGE INFO
    #2 Send me with that same email or PM what type of decorating you do - contemporary, traditional, old-styled (not beer can style :D ), modern, Disney, or other (a variety type tree)
    #3 I need this information by OCTOBER 30
    #4 If you sign up, make sure you can stick with your dedication to sending out your ornament. If you run into a snag and have commited, please let me know and I can move things around.
    #5 You will find out who you will be sending to by November 4
    #6 Limit of $20 to spend on your ornament if you wish to purchase. Ornaments can be homemade or store bought. You can spend $1 or you can spend $20 - whatever you can afford - it's the thought that counts!!!!
    #7 MAIL YOUR ORNAMENT OUT NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15 - this will give those DISers going to DISCon time to get theirs out if they wish to purchase theirs at Disney. However the sooner the better, people really like to add these to their trees once they get them up.
    #8 Do NOT disclose who you are sending to in a post on the DIS. When you send your ornament, make sure and include a little note or some type of ID in your box so your recipient knows who it's from.
    #9 When you receive your ornament, post on the DIS (whoever receives first please start a "I Received" post and everyone can post there).
    #10 On your box or envelope that you mail - please put some sort of identifier that you are from the DIS so that people will know that it's not an unknown package. Last year people put their DIS name on the package, a Lime Green piece of ribbon or a used a Lime Green marker or some sort of paper.
    #11 If it has gotten to be Dec 10 and you have not received your ornament, please do not post on the boards - send me a PM and I will find out what is up with the person that is suppose to be sending to you.
    #12 Most importantly - HAVE FUN!!!!!!

    The ornament exchange has been something that people look forward and enjoy!! It is alot of fun to see what you are going to get and who you are getting them from - or from what part of the world they are coming from. We do have several overseas people that participate and that is awesome!!!!

    If at anytime you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with me and I can help you out.....


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