30 Minute Layover STL?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by mom2brooke76, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I've only flown through STL once and from what I recall it was pretty small and all of the Southwest gates are close together. For those of you that are familiar with STL, is that true?

    I'm taking my dd to see her dad next Friday in Chicago, and the flight back to BHM has a 30 minute layover in STL. I've personally never experienced such a short time to change planes when flying Southwest and I fly them monthly! BTW, it will only be me (with no luggage) flying back. Oh, and it is the last flight of the evening to BHM.
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    This should be enough time to make your connection, although it us likely that the connecting flight will already be boarding by the time you reach the gate, so you may not have a large seat selection. It's a bit risky taking the last flight of the day, but hopefully your flight will arrive on time for your connection.
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    Here's a map of the terminal: http://www.ifly.com/lambert-st-louis-international-airport/STL-Concourse-E

    Everything is very close; the airport is small. As long as both flights are on time, you shouldn't have an issue getting from one gate to the other (I'm assuming you will be in the very last row on your first flight, taking at least 10 minutes to exit the plane).

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