2020 trip questions


Mar 9, 2017
I am just starting the planning stages for a two week 2020 trip to Japan. Planning on probably three days at Disney. A little worried about the Olympics that will going on that year in Tokyo. Planning on mid to late May or a mid September trip. Not sure if going before or after would be better or if it even matters.

Princess Madeleine

Earning My Ears
Jul 22, 2018
I would almost be inclined to go after, assuming you've got a buffer period between your trip and the end of the paralympic games. If I'm remembering correctly, the beauty and the beast land is scheduled for a spring 2020 opening .I expect that might make the parks absolutely insane if it happens close to your May dates. But I also don't know how much a couple months will help that initial interest to die off. Just something to mull over :)


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