12 coasters 4 hours, friday the 29


Earning My Ears
Nov 25, 2000
last friday about 5 my uncle called me up and asked me if we would want to go to ioa. (this would be my third time.) i said yes. when ariving at the park i was wondering about grinchmas.

grinchmas was rather plain. i am 14 and i could not do anything.

now we then went to Dualing Dragons. (or drewling dragons as my uncle would say. Any way we went on once each and went on with our journy.

we then went on to JPRA and did not get wet. All of the affects were up and running wonderfully. By this time about 8 30 it was very cold. I being stupid like i am i went on dudly do right. I love this ride, and getting wet, but not in 40 degree cold.

next came the hulk
:) i love this rollercoaster! the first time we went on it we took the normal line. about a 30 min wait. the ride was great and i had my 10th time on it. The next ride we (us 3) used the singles line. we acted like we did not know each other. "oh who are you" or "i am going to marry her, look at my ring." using the singles line all three of us got in the same car. (Thankx to a 8 year old that we don't know of his name.) now i got a photo.

Then we went to spiderman :D we used the singles line again. And we all got in the same car. now the ride broke down and we got to see everything (by standing up and looking down. i loved sitting there in the dark. then they put us in another line so we could see it again.

we then went to eat something. first we wanted to eat at the sit down place in JP. Then it was closed (it was 9) so we went to the great place in the lost continant. great food. we also got to see the fire works. ALSO VERY GOOD. they had new fireworks that i have never seen B4.

then we went to cat and the hat (skipping all the way there) so i am sorry to anyone who saw us skipping.) we then went to Dualing Draggons) we went on each one 4 times. VERY COLD, VERY GOOD. i loved it. our last ride was on ice in the front row. we then had 9 min to get to spider man for the last ride.

WE did not skip, We ran! but we were still a little woosy from the 8 coasters. we than went got to spider man as they were closing the doors. it was wonderful to sit on 250 million.

My 5 hours at ioa were cold but very few people lived pass the fireworks- making life easy for me. :)


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