1. Stingray Lagoon at SW

    Stingray Lagoon at SW

  2. AKL Victoria Falls

    AKL Victoria Falls

  3. AKL 4th Floor Lobby Bridge

    AKL 4th Floor Lobby Bridge

  4. AKL Lobby

    AKL Lobby

  5. AKL Arusha Savanna

    AKL Arusha Savanna

  6. AKL Arusha Savanna Overlook

    AKL Arusha Savanna Overlook

  7. AKL Arusha Lobby Entrance Area

    AKL Arusha Lobby Entrance Area

  8. AKL Giraffe Arusha Savanna

    AKL Giraffe Arusha Savanna

  9. AKL Arusha Savanna-Feeding Time

    AKL Arusha Savanna-Feeding Time

    Daily feeding twice a day...viewed from Arusha Club Room
  10. AKL Hidden Mickey

    AKL Hidden Mickey

  11. AKL Arusha View

    AKL Arusha View

  12. 50mm Seagulls

    50mm Seagulls

  13. AKL animals

    AKL animals

  14. Tiger from AK

    Tiger from AK

    Tiger licking paw from AK resort.
  15. 2005 Towel animals

    2005 Towel animals

  16. Learning about animals

    Learning about animals

    The CM's were so great everywhere in the Animal Kingdom.
  17. Mickey and Simba sling

    Mickey and Simba sling

  18. Outrigger with Bruce the shark

    Outrigger with Bruce the shark

  19. arranged plush

    arranged plush

    the Mousekeepers were great we came back to room with several different configurations with the toys
  20. Giraffe Feeding

    Giraffe Feeding

    May 2005 Zebra trail


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